Does Hair Dye Expire?

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  • Why Does Hair Dye Expire?
  • What Will Happen If You Use Expired Hair Dye?
  • How To Know If The Dye Is Expired?

Why Does Hair Dye Expire?

Once opened, a hair dye might go bad or expire due to several reasons. Some of the most common ones are listed below:

  • Sunlight: The chemicals in the hair dye may warm up if the dye is exposed to direct sunlight. This may cause the dye to get separated.
  • Air: Hair dye containing peroxide can get oxidized upon direct exposure to air.
  • Microorganisms: Hair dye may also expire due to bacteria and other microorganisms. These microorganisms can interact with the chemicals in the dye and cause chemical reactions.

Using old and expired dye on your hair may change your hair texture or cause hair fall. Let us take a deeper look into what happens if you use an expired hair dye.

What Will Happen If You Use Expired Hair Dye?

1. Your Hair May Turn Green

Some people claim that using expired or old hair dye may turn your hair green. The change in color could be more pronounced in individuals with light blonde, gray, or white hair.

2. Your Hair May Turn Into An Undesirable Color

Using expired hair dye may also turn your hair into an undesirable color.

3. You May Experience Allergic Reactions

Changes in hair color are a direct result of chemical changes. These changes can cause allergic reactions.

4. Your Hair May Get Damaged

Using expired hair dye may cause your hair to break off or become frizzy. One may notice the damage only after the first wash. An expired hair dye may also cause chemical burns on the scalp.

Now we know what can happen if you use an expired hair dye. But how do you know if a hair dye is expired?

How To Know If The Dye Is Expired?

1. Damaged Package

The hair dye could be expired if its package appears damaged. Wet spots on the package could signify damage due to water or chemical leakage.

2. Separation

The dye might have expired even if you don’t find any leak in the packaging. If your dye has gone bad or expired, you will see big chunks of solids floating around in a milky solution.

3. Bad Odor

Hair dye that smells foul or has a metallic smell could have most likely expired.


All things have an expiry date, hair dyes included. Hair dyes can go bad quite easily and cause hair damage if not stored properly. Be observant and check if the hair dye you pick is fresh. Ensure to replace it if you think it has expired. A simple change in how you use hair dyes can go a long way in promoting your hair appearance and health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do hair dyes have no expiration date?

Hair dyes, if stored properly, can last long. This is one reason most brands do not mention an expiration date on their hair dyes.

How to store your hair dye properly?

Keep your hair dye away from the sun and wet areas. Close the pack after each use. These steps will ensure it lasts long.

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