Does Absence Make The Heart Grow Fonder?

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder”. This popular phrase is used by many who are in long-distance relationships. Also, it is repeatedly used in stories and poems where separation is the basis. It serves as a source of hope for many whose partners are far away from them. But do you really think this phrase is apt for long-distance relationships? Can absence make the heart fonder? If these are your questions, this article will provide you with answers. Continue reading to know more.

Is It True That Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder?

The concept of your heart growing fonder with the absence of your loved one comes from various 17th-century poems. However, many believe that this concept was popularized by the 19th-century poet Thomas Haynes Bayly.

The phrase “absence makes your heart grow fonder” invokes our personal feelings for a loved one who is away from us. Even though this phrase is applicable for friends and family members staying away, it has been commonly associated with people in a long-distance relationship.

Many a time, we use this phrase to pacify ourselves and our emotions when we have been too far from our partners for too long, and the distance becomes too much to handle.

Long-distance relationships are generally considered difficult to deal with. Why is that? We will understand the same in the following section.

What Could Make Long Distance Relationships Difficult?

1. Lack Of Communication

Couples in a long-distance relationship who share the same time zone may not have a problem communicating all through the day. However, those living in different time zones can have a challenge with regular communication. This lack of communication could be a big obstacle in keeping the romance alive in the relationship.

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In addition to this, not having video calls may add fuel to the fire. Talking through regular phone calls may make you miss out on the important facial expressions and gestures of your partner. These may lead to misunderstandings and miscommunication.

2. Lack Of Physical Touch

One of the toughest parts of being in a long-distance relationship is the fact that you will not be able to physically touch your partner. This can get really difficult when you are missing the familiar touch of your favorite person. Over time, this could frustrate both of you and negatively affect your relationship.

3. Not Spending Time Together

When your partner moves to a different place, you stop hanging out together. This process may happen suddenly many a time. Having so much free time for yourself can feel overwhelming.

These are the various challenges of a long-distance relationship. But worry not – you still can show your love for your partner and keep the romance alive. Keep reading to know how.

How Do You Show Love In Long Distance Relationships?

1. Send Good Morning Texts

Sending a simple good morning or good night message to your partner can mean a lot to them. These texts will put a smile on their face and reassure them that you have them on your mind while waking up or going to sleep. You can also become creative and play with words to make your partner feel extra loved.

2. Exchange Photos Of Your Day

The hard part of being in a long-distance relationship is not spending your days together. Sending your partner bits and pieces of your day through photos could make them feel involved in your day-to-day activities.

3. Send Them Care Packages

Care packages can be a great idea to nourish your long-distance relationship. You can add a T-shirt you wear to the care package so that your partner will have something that reminds them of you. In addition to that, you also may include their favorite snacks and any little items that they love. A care package is a great way to show them that you are thinking of them always.

4. Surprise Them With A Visit

What’s better than a care package? Throwing a surprise visit and spending all your time together while you are there! However, do drop little hints that you could be visiting, as an out-of-the-blue visit may hinder their schedule.

5. Video Chat Daily

As mentioned above, texting and phone calls may make you miss out on the important facial expressions and gestures of your partner. Video chatting will give you an opportunity to see each other daily.

6. Send Love Letters

In the age of text messages, emojis, and emails, a love letter shows how much you care for your partner. Writing your feelings on paper will add some extra romance to your love story.

7. Avoid Too Much Communication

Yes, communication is especially important in a long-distance relationship. However, you have to understand where to draw the line. Excessive communication may exhaust and irritate you and your partner.

8. Try Doing Things Together

Being in a long-distance relationship takes away the opportunity of spending time and doing things together. However, you can get creative and come up with activities you can do together while being apart. This may include playing online games together or taking a long walk while video-calling each other.

9. Send Surprise Gifts

You can send surprise gifts to your partner. These may include surprise flower deliveries, T-shirts, or something more intimate.

10. Buy Matching Jewelry Or Outfits

Wearing matching shirts or jewelry with your partner can make you feel special and happy. You may also consider these as gifting options.

These are some ways you can preserve your long-distance relationship and make your partner feel loved. But here is the catch – no matter how much you try to keep the romance alive, sometimes a relationship runs its course. This is especially true with long-distance relationships. Following are a few red flags you can watch out for.

What Are Some Red Flags In A Long Distance Relationship?

1. Your Partner Is Secretive

When it comes to a relationship, keeping secrets from your significant other is a bad sign. Secrets raise suspicions that may make the other person feel uncomfortable and insecure. Hence, if you feel your partner is hiding something from you, try to talk to them and see what it is all about.

2. Your Partner Is Always Busy

If you find your partner making excuses for not being able to talk to you or take time out for you, it could be a red flag. Being busy may include taking too long to answer your texts or canceling your video calls. If such incidents repeat over time, you may want to openly discuss with your partner and resolve any issues.

3. You Feel Happy Alone

There is nothing wrong with spending time with yourself. However, if you constantly prefer being alone to spending time with your significant other, it could mean the spark in your relationship has burnt out due to the distance between you. Although it can be considered a red flag, you may still work on your relationship to see if you can reignite the spark.


Preserving a long-distance relationship requires more effort. The desire to be true to each other no matter what life throws at you is paramount. The advantage of today’s modern age is you can still do things together while staying apart. Don’t be discouraged if you find yourself in a long-distance relationship. Try out the tips mentioned in this post. We believe they will give you the solutions you have been seeking.

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