Do Hats Cause Hair Loss?

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  • Can Wearing A Hat Make You Bald
  • Hats And Traction (Friction) Alopecia
  • Other Causes Of Hair Loss
  • Tips To Prevent Hair Loss

Can Wearing A Hat Make You Bald

No scientific evidence suggests that wearing a hat causes male or female pattern baldness. A study in the Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery showed that it is not a single factor, but a combination of different environmental factors, which contributes to hair loss (1).

Another study showed that wearing headgear results in localized hair loss, though hair regrowth begins once the headgear use is discontinued (2). According to Cleveland Clinic Dermatologist Dr. John Anthony, MD , wearing a tight hat decreases blood flow to the hair follicles and stresses them, resulting in hair fall. Though the hair loss is temporary, it can become permanent over time if no corrections are made.

If the possible link between wearing a hat and hair loss concerns you, and so does the prospect of quitting on hats, this is what you can do – wear a loose- fitting hat and not a tighter one. Sporting a tight hat can irritate or inflame the scalp, cause follicles to lose strength, and potentially result in hair loss. The following section discusses how traction (or friction) can cause hair loss.

Hats And Traction (Friction) Alopecia

Traction (or friction) alopecia can develop from the regular use of tight hats, braids, tight bands, clips, helmets, or any other headgear. These can take a toll on hair health as they constantly tug and rub on your scalp. If not fixed right away, these can eventually lead to alopecia (3).

But the most common causes of alopecia or hair thinning include genes, hormonal imbalances, among others.

Other Causes Of Hair Loss

If you regularly wear hats, braids, or bands, the following tips may help you reduce the chances of hair loss.

Tips To Prevent Hair Loss

Scientists are not sure if wearing a hat leads to hair loss. But if you are a regular user of tight headgear, you may experience some hair shedding. Check with your doctor if your hair fall is severe and find the best solutions to overcome it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can turbans cause hair loss?

Headbands and turbans are tighter than hats and may cause traction alopecia.

Does wearing a hat slow down hair growth?

No, wearing a hat does not slow down hair growth.

What happens if you wear a hat every day?

Wearing a tight hat every day may slow down the blood circulation to the scalp and compromise the health of hair follicles. But wearing a loose hat does not seem to cause hair loss.

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