Do Celebrities Owe Us Plastic Surgery Transparency?

In a cover story with Vogue released last month, Bella Hadid became the latest celebrity to speak candidly about her plastic surgery by admitting to having a nose job when she was just 14 years old. I wish I had kept the nose of my ancestors, she told Vogue in the piece. I think I would have grown into it. The piece inspired mixed reactions to the revelation that one of the most prominent models in the industry had felt the need to change her appearance, especially at such a young age. Some commended her for telling the truth about her surgery; others shared her past interviews where she denied having any cosmetic procedures; many blamed her mother, former model Yolanda Hadid, for encouraging it at a young age; and a dubious few expressed disbelief she had not had other work done. Despite the discourse and disagreements, one question that went mostly unaddressed was whether or not Bella even owed us an explanation at all. Do we think that all celebrities should be expected to disclose their surgeries and treatments?

Considering that getting any kind of surgery means undergoing a medical procedure thats far more personal than using a temporary face app, the same rules cant apply.

Dr. Melissa Doft, double board-certified plastic surgeon and founder of Doft Plastic Surgery, says surgery is, in itself, always a personal decision. Just because you are a celebrity does not mean that you need to disclose everything. Celebrities and noncelebrities alike deserve to have their decisions about undergoing plastic surgery kept private, she tells ishonest. But, what I do think is unfair is when a celebrity criticizes plastic surgery when they have had something done. It implies that obtainable results are unobtainable. Thats right. Even celebrities dont always look like themselves you could look like them too with the help of the right surgeons. This makes any and all open conversations about surgery an important way to destigmatize cosmetic procedures while increasing the awareness of the time, effort, and money it can take for celebrities to maintain their appearance.

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