DIY Shampoo Bar Recipes to Try for Each Major Hair Concern

While it might sound too good to be true, DIY shampoo bars allow you the freedom to target the same hair concerns that a traditional shampoo might—all while reducing plastic waste. The concentrated nature of a shampoo bar means one bar can last for months at a time (and doesn't take up the precious shower space a bottle meant to last for a similar timeframe would). Shampoo bars can also be safely packed in carry-on luggage and dopp kits with zero risk of spillage. This got us wondering if there are any downsides to switching to a shampoo bar. So ahead, we turned to BosleyMD Certified Trichologist Gretchen Friese for her thoughts on creating your own DIY shampoo bar and best practices for using it.

Meet the Expert

Gretchen Freise is a BosleyMD certified trichologist specializing in hair and scalp health.

Are Shampoo Bars Safe For Hair?

Friese believes DIY shampoo bars can be a good alternative to liquid shampoos when made with beneficial ingredients. She notes that DIY shampoo bars can be suitable for those with allergies or those concerned with the ingredients in their shampoos, as the creator has complete control over what goes into the recipe. She adds that bars are best suited for people with short hair, as “it can be hard to really cleanse the scalp with a bar if there is a lot of hair to penetrate.” It is important to find a recipe that is suited to your particular hair type to avoid ingredients that can cause build up or frizz.

How to Use DIY Shampoo Bars

There is a certain art to using a shampoo bar versus a traditional liquid shampoo, which Friese detailed: “Wet your hair making sure to get it really wet or it may be difficult to get a good lather. Next, wet the shampoo bar with a little water and rub it in your hands to start creating some suds. Apply the shampoo bar directly onto your hair and massage gently across all parts of your scalp. Lastly, scrub your scalp with the pads of your fingers making sure to get the whole head and hairline.” This careful application process ensures that the cleanser reaches your scalp and is spread evenly throughout your hair.

3 DIY Shampoo Bars to Try

Convinced you need shampoo bars in your life? Same. Ahead, find three DIY shampoo bar recipes that address every major hair concern

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