Divine Hairstyles to Complement Your Saree

Nine yards. Nine yards of a saree is all it takes to transform an ordinary woman into a divine Indian goddess. When a woman drapes a saree, she is making a statement. She is proclaiming to the world that she is a fiercely independent woman who also nurses a tender and nurturing spirit. She is a force to be reckoned with and you better not get in her way. The saree has been the identity of the traditional Indian woman for centuries now. And over these years, it has evolved to suit the needs and style of the modern woman as well. But it’s heartbreaking to see the look of a gorgeous saree being ruined by a hairstyle that does not suit it in any way. Worried you might be making this mistake? Well, fret no more! I’m here with my foolproof list of beautiful hairstyles to complement your saree perfectly and make you look like the divine goddess that you truly are.

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1. Messy Low Bun

What’s the point of wearing a sexy backless blouse if you don’t show it off, right? So, it’s time to tie up your hair (and flaunt that gorgeous back tattoo, maybe?) and go for this chic messy bun style that will work perfectly to complement your sleeveless and backless blouse. And the best part is that it suits every face shape.

2. Half Up Curls

Straight hair may hold a special place in some people’s hearts, but curly hair has a beauty of its own. So, what better way to style up your elegant pattu saree than with some graceful curls? Go for a half-up style that will help you show off your jewelry as well. This style is perfect for round and square face shapes.

3. Loose Curls

No other saree can beat the elegance and grace emitted by a simple chiffon saree. So really, you don’t need to go for frills and fancies when styling your hair for it. Just take a page out of Madhuri Dixit’s book. With just a simple loose curls style, she has managed to keep her gorgeous saree the center of her ensemble. And if you have an oval or oblong face like Madhuri, this hairstyle with saree will suit you perfectly.

4. Half Up Puff

I get it. You’re worried that wearing a saree is going to make you look older than your age. Well, there’s a simple solution for that. You can go for a youthful hairstyle to offset the aging effect of your saree. Take Madhuri Dixit, for instance. She has gone for a glamorous half up puff hairstyle on curls that takes at least 10 years off her face. This look works especially well on people with round or diamond face shapes.

5. Sleek Low Bun

If you’re not taking hairstyling tips from Deepika Padukone, then what are you even doing with your life? Take a look at this one for a second. To keep the focus on her embroidered saree and heavy antique silver jewelry, she has gone for a sleek low bun that adds a bit of boldness to the otherwise flirty ensemble. If you have a heart shaped face, you need to try out this hairstyle right NOW.

8. Side Fishtail Braid

A traditional saree calls for a traditional braid. And what better braid to go for than an intricate fishtail! Add a bit of sparkle to your fishtail braid with some gold floral accessories and a maang teeka and get ready to rock that wedding. And if you have a round face, this will work even more perfectly for you.

12. Chic Swept Back Bun

If Deepika Padukone is sporting a hairstyle, you best believe we should be following suit. To complement her gorgeous baby blue and gold designer saree, she has opted for a swept back bun style that is as chic as it gets. This hairdo is perfect for anyone with a heart shaped face.

13. Curly Ponytail

A unique saree calls for a unique hairstyle. Shilpa Shetty has kept this in mind when picking a hairstyle for her avant garde saree gown outfit. Instead of more traditional hairdos like a bun or a braid, she has styled her hair in a more casual ponytail. This hairstyle would work perfectly for any face shape.

14. Bubble Ponytail

Trust Shilpa Shetty to add a badass spin to a simple black and white handloom saree. And how! With just simple accented twists and a quirky bubble styled ponytail, she has completely transformed her look. This, again, is a hairdo that will look good on any face shape.

15. Gajra Bun

It doesn’t get more traditional than a gajra now, does it? This beautiful garland of jasmines has the ability to transform the simplest of hairdos into something absolutely gorgeous. Besides, what better way to show off your blouse with a sexy tie-up back, right? And this hairdo looks great on literally any face shape. (Yay!)

16. Greek Goddess Updo

Ever wondered what a fusion of an Indian goddess and a Greek goddess would look like? Well, wonder no more because Shilpa Shetty has pretty much nailed it. With her pearl white designer saree and her crown braided bun, she truly looks like an ethereal being. If you have an oblong face shape, you’re in for a treat when sporting this hairstyle.

17. Side Accent French Braid

Magic happens when you blend traditional and modern styling. Case in point, this look by Shilpa Shetty. To complement her dual shaded crepe saree, she has gone for a biker chick accent braid that adds a hint of edge and boldness to her look. Try this simple hairstyle on saree if you have a heart shaped face.

18. Low Ponytail

Listen, if you’re wearing a Sabyasachi saree, first of all I’m jealous of you. Secondly, you better keep that undoubtedly gorgeous saree the focus of your look. The best way to do that is to go for a super simple hair look. A sleek low ponytail is perfect for that job. You will be serving up some serious looks with this hairstyle, especially if you have an oval face shape.

19. Chinese Top Knot

When it comes to bold and unconventional styling choices, Anushka Sharma is your girl. I mean, who would’ve thought of pairing a designer printed saree with a Chinese top knot, right? And yet, somehow, it works. The top knot looks effortlessly chic and makes her look like the modern independent woman she is. And if you have a diamond shaped face like Anushka, then this style will work especially wonderfully for you.

20. Braided Bun

Karisma Kapoor is a part of Bollywood royalty (what with being a member of the Kapoor clan), and she dresses every bit the part. if you are looking for that one perfect juda hairstyle for saree, then this is it.

How To Style

Now leave behind those days when you automatically braided your hair when you wore a saree. As you can see, there is no dearth of hairstyles to complement your saree. Comment below and let us know which styles you can’t wait to try out!

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