Discover Your Body's True Potential At Re: Qis Urban Revival Total Wellness Retreat

Take an intentional pause to reset and find your own path towards holistic health

Text: Rebecca Morais

Discover your body's true potential at Re: Qi’s Urban Revival event

The end of each year is always time to pause and reflect; and through two years of a pandemic, many of us are feeling beaten down. As a result, our bodies and minds may not be functioning at our best. Do you find yourself spacing out mid workday? Or not being able to push yourself as hard as you’d like on your workouts? We’ve been there too.

We were so pleased to learn about the Re: Qi Retreat by CulturedGen, a 2D1N Urban Revival retreat at the beautiful The Clan Hotel from 24 Feb to 25 Feb 2022. Check into an elegant and peaceful hideaway, and check out of your daily hustle and bustle. This 2D1N journey of self-discovery will be guided by ancient healing traditions and modern wellness practices. The Re: Qi Urban Revival retreat promises to equip you with insights you can seamlessly integrate back into your urban lifestyle. Here’s how.

Explore ancient remedies for modern concerns

There are many paths towards well-being. So commence your journey to self- discovery and ultimate wellness with a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) physician. The ancient art of TCM has been around for many centuries and boasts multiple benefits.

Immerse yourself fully and expand your consciousness and awareness through experiences led by experts in their field, such as psychotherapists, health coaches; sound healers, and even martial artists.

Retreat leaders include the following experts at Re: Qi’s Urban Revival event

Fuel the mind and body with food

TCM believes that food is medicine and the best way to go about your daily meals is to tailor it according to your environment and your body constitution. All the meals and tea pairings at Re: Qi Urban Revival is carefully curated, personalised and planned based on your individual needs.

Bold meals featuring traditional Chinese medicinal foods fused with modern Asian flavours will be available throughout the retreat.

Re: Qi’s TCM cocktails

Unwind with a curated cocktail

Alcohol is often associated with adverse health benefits, but TCM has a much more positive view. The Chinese have a long history of using alcohol for healing purposes - it has been used as the base for medicinal concoctions to enhance the efficacy of herbs. It is also known for vitalising the spleen, liver, stomach, and small intestine and promoting blood circulation and qi, when consumed in moderation and “prescribed” based on the individual’s body constitution.

The best defence for holistic health is regular screening. We look into annual health check-ups for women in their 20s, 30s and 40s. We hope to inspire you and share tips on how to nudge your mums, sisters, friends and yourselves to schedule regular health checks and embrace preventive care

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Need a wellness break in Singapore? The Re: Qi Urban Revival Retreat offers rest and rejuvenation as well as a journey of self-discovery.

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