Dining Chair Slipcovers

The plush-feeling velvet of these slipcovers elevate most dining chairs.

Soft velvet fabric with 10 percent spandex and elastic hem for stretch and fit. Ideal for parsons-style chairs, but will fit most armless standard size dining chairs. Comes in variety of colors. Machine washable and dryable.

Velvet can show pressure marks and creases. May mark light-colored chairs.

A straightforward set of soft knit fabric slipcovers that fit a variety of chairs.

Comfortable polyester-spandex blend fabric. Elastic hem for secure fit. Stain resistant and wrinkle resistant to stand up to daily use. Comes in variety of textures and colors. Machine washable.

Must be line-dried. Can be transparent if stretched too far.

Bold colors and patterns make these slipcovers stand out in a room.

Comes in variety of brightly colored patterns. Polyester fabric with 5 percent spandex for stretch. Elastic hem to fit. Fits parsons chairs and other tall armless dining chairs. Machine washable. Wrinkle-resistant.

Some feel their sizing makes it difficult to put on.

The jacquard fabric of these slipcovers make them comfortable and elegant.

Comfortable, breathable textured jacquard boasts 15 percent spandex for significant stretch. Elastic hem grip. Stretch allows secure fit on variety of armless chairs. Machine washable. No iron necessary.

Dark colors may mark white furniture.

Like sitting on an old t-shirt, these jersey slipcovers are comfortable and practical.

Soft jersey-like material with spandex for stretch. Boasts precise stitching for quality. Elastic hem. Material is durable and breathable. Machine washable and wrinkle-resistant. Fits parsons chairs but works on wood frame chairs as well.

May shrink slightly in dryer. Line dry for best results.

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Dining chair slipcovers are beneficial for a number of reasons. They can protect your dining room chairs from stains, scratches, rips, and other damage. They give you the option of changing around your decor without having to buy a whole new dining room set. And your chairs will appear to be much more expensive than they really are. When in the market for slipcovers, first measure your chairs carefully. Then decide what color and style of slipcover you want. Dining room slipcovers are available in a variety of fabrics, from soft and plush to faux leather. Some fit snugly, while others feature stylish skirts. You should also verify that the slipcovers can be easily cleaned.

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