Different Types of Mascaras

Different Types Of Mascara

There are different types & compositions of mascaras available in the market which change your entire eye look in a second.

Short lashes? Try a lengthening mascara. Thin lashes? Try a thickening mascara. Straight lashes? Try a curling mascara. All three? Try a volumizing mascara. All you need to know is how to apply mascara in the right way.

Apart from this broad classification Mascaras are sub categorized again Into powder, cream and liquid mascaras.

1. Powder Mascara

Powder Mascara is very different from wet and dry mascara. You add a few drops of water into it and use it with a wand. The mascara sets to give a false eyelash kind of a finish.

2. Cream Mascara

Creamy Mascara provides volume to thin and sparse eyelashes and adds depth to the eyes. But this can smudge easily so you will need a special kind of applicator for it.

3. Liquid Mascara

These mascaras are easily found and the most common of all and are mostly used by women who have slightly curled lashes. It enhances and sharpens the lashes. These are available in both water resistant and water-soluble variants.

Choosing Right Mascara Applicator

Mascara Applicator comes in different shapes and sizes, and each wand serves a different purpose.

  • Long Brush is best for lengthening as a long wand with even space won’t provide as much volume as a big brush. They are recommended to separate and define lashes.
  • Small Brush is better for small lashes, as it doesn’t clump the lashes, thereby offering thickness.

Different Formulas Of Mascaras

1. Lengthening Mascara

Lengthening mascara adds length to the existing lashes. Brushes of most lengthening mascaras have denser bristles, which allow the mascara to get onto the lashes especially on the tips.

This mascara is best for people with short and sparse eyelashes. To create the most length, you must apply at least two coats of mascara on the lashes. When the mascara is applied, these fibers bind to the tips of the eyelashes, making them appear longer.

2. Thickening/Volumizing Mascaras

Volumizing Mascara helps you achieve fuller and thicker eyelashes as it contains a thicker formula of waxes and silicone polymers. It claims to be perfect for people with thin or sparse eyelashes, regardless of length. Unlike lengthening mascaras, they don’t apply synthetic fibers and are designed to complement the shape and color of our natural lashes.

3. Curling Mascara

Curling Mascaras help to enhance the natural curl of the lashes. The mascara consistency is a little thicker than other types of mascaras, which further helps to hold the curl.

4. Lash Defining Mascaras

Lash Defining Mascara is an all-in-one product that offers volume and thickness. These are usually available as waterproof. Owing to its consistency and texture, it spreads evenly and each eyelash looks separate, fine and beautifully curled to give which gives volume and thickness, thus offering a perfect appearance.

Most of the mascaras available in the market offer all these properties but a lash defining mascara is unique because it contains special pigments and polymers to define lashes from root to tip. Lash Defining mascaras give a natural look to the eyelashes and is the most appropriate mascara for every day wear.

5. Non–Clumping Mascara

These are the latest addition in the market and contain glycerin and silk extracts, which give the lashes a neat finish. The applicators have a longer wand for a deeper finish.

6. Water Soluble/Regular And Water Proof/ Water Resistant

When choosing a mascara, it is advisable to determine the performance and outcome prior to buying the mascara. Deciding what you want to achieve from your mascara will greatly narrow down the search. I hope this article will help you to choose the right mascara for you.

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