Did Zac Efron Have Plastic Surgery? a Lot of Men are These Days.

Rumors of Zac Efron having plastic surgery or fillers abounded after an image circulated of a different-looking face. If he has, hes joining the growing number of men having work.

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Internet sleuths and people who do not mind their business wondered if the 33- year-old actor had recently gone under the knife. He certainly looked, well, different. Efrons pointed chin was a little Rob Lowe. Some compared his blowsy pout to Mickey Rourke.

For his part, Efron appears entirely unbothered. A few days after his face went viral, he posted a photo from Australia, his home during the coronavirus pandemic.

Only take what is needed and live with a generous spiritto be more, one must give more, Efron captioned a picture of him holding what might be the worlds largest lobster. Lessons Ive learned from the people of Masig Island.

The photo was undated, and in it Efron wore wearing sunglasses and a baseball hat. His chinthe chin in questiondid not appear as bloated as it had in the Earth Day video. Decode as you desire.

Has he had plastic surgery to reshape his jawline? Dr. Youn questioned. I dont think so. I actually think hes had dental surgery, not plastic surgery. Thats why hes swollen in those areas. If you had your wisdom teeth taken out, did you look like this?

As one Birmingham, Alabama, dermatologist named Dr. Corey L. Hartman gently speculated to ishonest, My first question about Zac Efron is, when was this done? He could have gotten a perfectly good procedure that hasnt calmed down yet. How many female celebrities have we seen get caught in the period where [fillers] are still fresh and we see them out when they didnt necessarily want to be seen? It could all work out fine for Zac.

Post-procedure bruising can be a bigger problem for men than it is for women Dr. Hartman said, because men generally know dont how to use makeup as cover-up.

We havent reached the point where aesthetic procedures for men are such a non- taboo topic that men are allowed to be a little puffy for a while because they just had filler, Dr. Hartman said. I always counsel men on their expectations, that there will be some swelling associated with their procedures, and its going to be difficult to camouflage and hide.

That has not stopped Dr. Hartmanlike dermatologists and plastic surgeons across the countryfrom seeing a boon in bookings from male patients during the pandemic.

Dr. Bruce Katz, a dermatologist with New Yorks JUVA Skin and Laser Center, reported that hes seen an increase in non-invasive cosmetic treatments for men of as much as 25 percent in 2020 compared to recent years.

Dr. Kelly Killeen, a plastic surgeon at Cassileth Plastic Surgery & Skincare in Beverly Hills and a cast member on E!s Dr. 90210, also reported a 25 percent increase in plastic surgery requests from men.

We are seeing mostly Gen X or millennial patients with corporate or tech jobs, Dr. Killeen said. It's really the reality of in-person meetings and events that has pushed patients back into my office.

For Dr. Dean Vistnes, a plastic surgeon based in the Bay Area who co-founded the medical spa chain SkinSpirit, its more male younger patients around Efrons age heading into the office. They mostly want non-invasive procedures such as body contouring or the fat reduction treatment Coolsculpting.

They are in their twenties to their mid-forties, and not much older than that, Dr. Vistnes said. When you get to a certain point of your life its like, OK, well I look like that. Youre more resigned to the aging process. But more millennials, they know things are out there, and they know that their female counterparts do a lot of this stuff, too. So they look in the mirror, look on social media, and begin to wonder: Is there something out there that I can do to look better?

Blame it on the much-discussed Zoom effect that has led all kinds of people into aesthetic appointments. [Fixing] the neck is kind of the thing right now, Dr. Hartman said. The jawline was the thing a couple of years ago, and now the neck is getting attention. There is also a focus on the chin.

It is not just because men are tired of staring down at their own faces in computer screensthey also have to look at their colleagues as well.

You might see other guys on your Zoom have really tight, sculpted, firm jawlines. Yours looks like its become looser and you realize, Wow, thats how I look, Dr. Katz said.

Treatments like fillers and Botox can be used preventatively, according to Dr. Katz, and younger patients feel like putting some work in now can save extra time later. They have heard that rather than treat the thing when theyre older, they can use Botox on those smaller wrinkles so they dont need a more aggressive treatment down the road, he added.

Robert Henderson, a 60-year-old New Jersey man who has spent around $10,000 over the past year for treatments with Dr. Katz including Botox, liposuction, and neck contouring, isnt surprised that more younger men are also going under the needle.

Its about confidence, Henderson said. When I look in the mirror, I dont look 10 to 15 years younger, I just look better. I think it just makes my whole outlook on things better.

Matt, a venture capitalist who splits his time in between San Diego and Dubai, got fillers and Botox from the California plastic surgeon Dr. Reza Tirgari this year. (He asked ishonest use a pseudonym.)

Before the pandemic, Matt said he would have never thought or considered walking into a med spa [or] consider any kind of treatment at all. But the pandemic definitely impacted his self-image.

I did a lot of research on treatments as well as asked other friends who had gone to a med spa, which led to me feel more comfortable, Matt added.

Dr. Tirgari told ishonest that there is much less stigma around men coming into his practice these days.

Weve seen a lot of men in the military coming in, including a Navy Seal, several Marines, a recent Navy helicopter pilot and even a member of President Bidens flight crew, Dr. Tirgari said. This is a demographic that most people wouldnt expect to receive cosmetic surgery, but they do, and it suggests a shift in public perception.

Some doctors have seen their female patients bring in photos of celebrities for referenceAriana Grande, Sandra Bullock, Angelina Jolie are popular, Dr. Tirgari saidbut men tend to work differently.

I see that more patients bring photos of themselveseither of when they were younger of photos that they have Facetunedto demonstrate what result they are looking to achieve, said Dr. Catherine S. Chang, a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills.

Aside from that, its not all that different prepping a man for surgery or injectables. Skin is skin, whether male or female, said Dr. Howard Sobel, a clinical dermatologist and dermatologic surgeon at New Yorks Lenox Hill Hospital. The physical prep is the same.

Whats different, according to the doctor, is the emotional support. Women take all of these treatments in stride, but men require exceptional hand-holding.

Men are certainly greater wusses than women, agreed Dr. Katz. Were always using numbing cream or giving them laughing gas to deal with the discomfort. Women find it easier to manage, but guys are not accustomed to that pain. They need more help, I think.

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