DiabetesMine University 2019" Innovation Days Happening Now

Class is now in session for DIABETESMINE UNIVERSITY 2019! That’s the new “learning take” on our annual DiabetesMine Innovation Summit and Fall D-Data ExChange, happening Nov 7-8, 2019, at UC San Francisco Mission Bay.

Keep your eye out for social media posts under the hashtags #DBMineSummit19 and #DData19 to follow along.

We’re super excited to be hosting our 2019 Patient Voices scholarship winners at this two-day event, along with all manner of leaders and influencers in the diabetes innovation/technology world.

What are DiabetesMine Innovation events all about?

Our DiabetesMine Innovation Summit is an annual gathering of informed patient advocates, device designers, pharma marketing and R&D leaders, regulatory experts, clinicians, mobile health experts, web visionaries, entrepreneurs and investors, and more.

The Summit was kicked off at Stanford School of Medicine in Fall 2011, following four amazing years of hosting our groundbreaking open innovation competition, the DiabetesMine Design Challenge.

The aim is to jumpstart collaboration among the various groups of “diabetes stakeholders,” to begin revolutionizing the world of building tools for diabetes. We hoped to help forge best practices for keeping the actual users of these solutions (us patients!) central to the innovation process.

Each year, the DiabetesMine Innovation Summit features a different “change theme” that addresses areas ripe for innovative problem-solving.

Our bi-annual D-Data ExChange was kicked off in Fall 2013 when we realized there was an upsurge of technology innovation coming from the patient community itself. In fact, the inaugural meeting in Fall 2013 was the birthplace of the now-international #WeAreNotWaiting DIY patient entrepreneurship movement.

This forum gathers those patient-entrepreneurs with the major pharma leaders, medical device manufacturers, clinicians and researchers creating vital algorithms, digital health experts, designers, and FDA.

Why a university theme?

Good question.

Looking back at the events we’ve hosted over the years, we realized that our work is aligned with the three-pronged mission of higher education, to offer research, education and service.

In terms of education, a learning component is what these events have always been about. Some of the top quality “educators” who’ve spoken at our events hail from Stanford, Harvard, MIT, UC Berkeley, USC, UCLA and the U.S. Dept of Health & Human Services (HHS) and more.

When it comes to service, the mission of DiabetesMine has always been to help people live better with diabetes, and have a voice in the development of their own tools and treatment options.

With all that in mind, and some specific encouragement from Dennis Boyle of IDEO and Sarah Lucas of Beyond Type 1, we decided to roll with this university theme beginning last year. Of course we’re making a point of keeping real-world patient needs at the center of it all.

Our program this year once again consists of multiple hands-on workshops and informative general sessions.

#DBMineSummit19 : Embracing Patient Experience

We kicked off Day 1, the 2019 DiabetesMine Innovation Summit, with this opening video featuring our 2019 Patient Voices contest winners:

The theme that ties all our sessions together here is the evolving focus on Patient Experience by all of the established players.

Experts tell us: “The shift toward participatory health is changing the bedrock of the health system from a supply-side push of services out to the consumer, to one in which the pull of consumer demand determines value and activity.” To that, we say HALLELUJAH!

We are indeed seeing real progress in how healthcare institutions are embracing patient input in exciting new ways – for example, the newly released FDA guidance on patient engagement in device trials.

Also, you can find lots of evidence these days that Patient Engagement is a burgeoning career path. LinkedIn for one currently lists over 24,000 jobs in Patient Engagement in the United States.

All of this hits at the heart of what we covered in the first day DMU 2019!

We learned about:

THE RISE OF PATIENT VOICES – How patient input is becoming paramount to FDA, industry, and hospitals – straight from national leaders of these organizations

NEW CLINCS FOR A NEW AGE – How virtual and specialty clinics are changing the diabetes care landscape, in a discussion led by Harvard Medical School Prof. Ateev Mehrotra

And we held three hands-on workshops:

Workshop A) The Payer Imperative: Reinventing the Customer Experience – Blue Cross Blue Shield

Workshop B) New Frontiers in Capturing & Processing Patient Insights – Cecelia Health

Workshop C) Design Principles for a Patient-Centered Future – Stanford Medicine X

Fall #DData19 : First-Ever Closed Loop Systems Showcase!

Today at Fall #DData19, we’re thrilled to be ushering in a milestone: the first- ever CLOSED LOOP SYSTEMS SHOWCASE featuring info directly from developers and patients who’ve used their systems:

  • Medtronic (670G & beyond)
  • Tandem Diabetes Care (Control IQ)
  • Insulet (Horizon)
  • Tidepool (Loop)
  • Beta Bionics (iLet)
  • Bigfoot Biomedical
  • The DIY Community – new research on how these systems are functiong in the real world, presented by OpenAPS creator Dana Lewis

The morning will begin with announcements and demos, including presentations by the following:

  • Mikael Mikael Rinnetmäki, representing the Nightscout DIY community in Finland
  • DreaMed Diabetes
  • Livongo Health
  • Ascensia Diabetes Care, unveiling a NEW coaching system called Abound, aimed at people with type 2 diabetes
  • UnderMyFork
  • Sensotrend
  • Cam Med
  • Pacific Diabetes Technology

Then, as we transition into our afternoon focus on CLOSED LOOP SYSTEMS, we’ll start with some of the important building blocks to get these systems in place:

HUGE THANKS to all the organizations and individuals supporting the DiabetesMine Innovation Project!

One note: Those of us who’ve been attending the DiabetesMine Innovation events since 2011 kind of take it for granted that FDA attends regularly and provides a candid update on their work. But I’d ask you all to remember what a BIG DEAL it was to get them involved initially, and to now have the privilege to sit at the same table with our national regulators.

A special thank you to Alain Silk, who recently took over as Branch Chief of Diabetes Diagnostic Devices Branch Chief at FDA, for making the trip out from DC!

The various presentations will be posted online for public viewing within a few weeks. We’ll update this post to let you know.

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