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Annual DiabetesMine Innovation Days

The DiabetesMine Innovation Summit is a unique, patient-led gathering of “diabetes stakeholders” – informed patient advocates, device designers, pharma marketing and R&D leaders, regulatory experts, clinicians, digital health leaders, investors, and more – that aims to spur conversations and collaborations that accelerate change.

The Summit was kicked off at Stanford School of Medicine in Fall 2011, inspired by our pioneering crowdsourced innovation competition, the DiabetesMine Design Challenge (which began in 2008 and ran for four years). The Summit takes place annually in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Our aim in hosting a patient-led leadership forum is to jumpstart collaboration, and help forge best practices for making patients central to the innovation process.

This gathering represents a tremendous opportunity to “connect the dots” between patients, industry, entrepreneurs, designers, and physicians — the brightest minds doing the most innovative thinking in the diabetes world to date.

Brought to you by empowered patients who care…

Each year, the DiabetesMine Innovation Summit features a timely “change theme” addressing a topic ripe for innovative problem-solving. And each year, we host a Patient Voices Scholarship Contest to identify 10 engaged patient advocates eager to attend and represent the patient community.

Fall 2020 DiabetesMine Innovation Days

We pivoted to an interactive online format in 2020, due to the global pandemic. But our two-day conference was just as jam-packed with valuable content as ever.

See the event agenda here.

Download the full PDF program here.

Watch the recorded presentations here.

2019 DiabetesMine University

Please see:

* The event program here

What participants are saying…

“This conference is so important because Amy brings together a really big group of people from industry, and clinicians and patients and just getting that cross-section of everybody who’s here really gives me a great idea of what’s happening in the field so I can bring it back to educators… The Workshops were engaging and fun and really made people think outside the box.”

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– Crystal Broj, Head of Technology and Innovation for the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE)

“It’s always very inspiring to be here and to listen to what’s currently being discussed… You meet everything from crazy scientists to hackers, entrepreneurs, industry, and the FDA. It’s an amazing mix, (and) the discussions you have with attendees are always mind-opening. We find it the most interesting diabetes conference of the year.”

– Frank Westermann, CEO of MySugr

“Bigfoot is a sponsor of the conference and that is testament to the support we have for the community and the incredible thing Amy has created over the years. I’ve been coming since the very beginning, and these are my people: it’s the resolve, the commitment, the passion – people who get it, at a disease level, what it’s like to live with diabetes. The technology is secondary to that. ”

– Lane Desborough, Co-founder & Chief Engineer of Bigfoot Biomedical

“This is a big focus area for JDRF. It’s absolutely an important event for JDRF to attend, given our long history in supporting innovation, device development, and voice of the patient.”

– Karen Jordan, JDRF International Board Member & President of the Greater Bay Area Chapter

“I really appreciated my experience at DiabetesMine University. What you and your team do is so amazing, and I was glad to just be in the room to soak it in.”

– Mila Clarke Buckley, T2 advocate and 2019 Patient Voices Scholarship Winner

2019 DiabetesMine University

This two-day Fall event took place on Nov. 7-8, 2019, at UCSF’s Mission Bay Conference Center.

The program featured two “general sessions” and three awesome hands-on workshops covering the following topics:

  • The Rise of Patient Voices (with Industry, FDA and Hospitals)
  • New Clinics for a New Age
  • New Frontiers in Capturing & Processing Patient Insights
  • Design Principles for a Patient-Centered Future
  • The Payer Imperative: Reinventing the Customer Experience

Please see:

* The event program here


2018 “DiabetesMine University” Program

We introduced our new “DiabetesMine University (DMU)” program on Nov.1-2, 2018, at UCSF’s Mission Bay Conference Center.

That program featured two “general sessions” and three hands-on workshops covering:

  • The ‘Consumerization’ of Diabetes
  • Patient Entrepreneurship and Health Design Hubs
  • Humans, Diabetes and Virtual Reality
  • Beyond Product Focus: Designing for the Diabetes Experience
  • Driving Social Media for Health Impact

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See also:

* Our DiabetesMine Patient Voices video, embedded in this post

* The event program here

* diaTribe’s amazing detailed coverage of the #DData demo lineup


2017 DiabetesMine Innovation Summit

Given how healthcare has become so politicized and gridlocked of late, we chose to highlight novel problem-solving approaches in each of these areas, to inspire us all to go further:

  • Tools for Managing Diabetes
  • Support Services for PWDs (people with diabetes)
  • The Access & Affordability crisis

Every invited speaker and panelist was chosen because they honed in on a specific healthcare or diabetes care problem, and created an innovative fix.

  • See the event photos here
  • Read our full event report on all the presentations here

You can read about the inspiring keynote by Brian Hoffer, Founder of Gestalt Design, on “Transforming Healthcare Through Design” and the full program, with links to presentations, here.

At this Summit, we also:

  • Debuted a new methodology called Netnography that helped us explore what people with diabetes are doing on the social web and why it matters
  • Announced the Winners of our 2017 DiabetesMine Usability Innovation Awards

“What a wonderful, important conference focused on real-life, pragmatic opportunities to improve patients lives!”

“This is one of the best events we’ve been to in our 14 years of serving the diabetes community. I’ve already connected with several of the attendees in the last week and hope to continue to problem-solve our healthcare together.”


2016 Summit

Can you focus an entire diabetes innovation event on Quality of Life? Yes, you can! In fact, it’s the stuff that builds the foundation for the ever-elusive “improved health outcomes” we’re all after.

This was the premise behind the sixth annual DiabetesMine Innovation Summit (#dbminesummit16) held on Oct. 28, 2016, at UC San Francisco’s Mission Bay biotech campus.

The day opened with a dynamic keynote by Stanford physician and behavioral designer Dr. Kyra Bobinet on: “The Quality of Life Connection: Happiness, Habit- Building and the Healthcare Experience.”

This was followed by three groups of talks by innovators addressing “Prioritizing Quality of Life in Medicine,” “Bringing Education and Care to Where Patients Are” and the ubiquitous struggle of “Navigating the Healthcare System: Access and Coverage” — in addition to interactive brainstorming among stakeholders.

At this Summit, we also:


“I was very pleased that much of the talk was focused on patient experience versus traditional outputs and outcomes and it was a relief to get confirmation that the paradigm is shifting in practice.”

“I love hearing about the future of telemedicine and new ways for our community to use technology to get and stay healthy. More! More!”


2015 Summit

The 5th annual DiabetesMine Innovation Summit took place at Stanford School of Medicine on Friday, Nov. 20, 2015, bringing together about 130 key stakeholders in the diabetes world. This year’s theme was The Usability Revolution.

We addressed that by taking stock of the major challenges of living with diabetes, and what’s being done to address these challenges. We presented data from over 5,000 patients on what they felt were the MOST USEFUL tools and services available now to help them optimize their care.

Talks and discussions were focused on how we can all work together towards increasing the IMPACT & ACCESS of these offerings.

“I came away with the feeling that stagnation in our industry seems to be a thing of the past and for that, I’m very grateful.”

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2014 Summit

The 2014 DiabetesMine Innovation Summit — our unique annual gathering of diabetes game changers — took place on Friday, Nov. 21, at Stanford University School of Medicine.

  • See the event photos here
  • And view presentations posted here

We were excited to see diabetes innovation reaching a tipping point, thus our 2014 theme was “Emerging Models for Improving Life with Diabetes.” Against the backdrop of the Affordable Healthcare Act, we explored which programs may have the biggest potential, and how we might address challenges to their success.


2013 Summit

The 2013 DiabetesMine Innovation Summit took place on Nov. 15 at Stanford School of medicine, with the theme “Delivering on the Promise of Diabetes Technology,” an ROI focus.

The event featured live updates from the FDA and five of the nation’s top health insurance providers, among other movers and shakers.

Read patient advocate coverage here.


2012 Summit

The 2012 DiabetesMine Innovation Summit took place at Stanford University on Nov. 16, with a focus on breaking the “gridlock” in the diabetes industry: Why does every diabetes tech product have its own clunky cables and not share data with other products?! Why aren’t companies working together to form standards for this stuff, that would also ease the FDA approval process?

Among the impressive participants, we were pleased to host the then-CEO of the American Diabetes Association Larry Hausner and ADA Chief Medical Officer Dr. Robert Ratner; Joslin Diabetes Center CEO John Brooks III; endo and educator extraordinaire Dr. Steven Edelman; legendary researcher Dr. Bruce Buckingham; Patti Brennan, National Director of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Project Health Design and many more.

We were particularly pleased to host THREE senior representatives from FDA, who penned a collective reaction post here: FDA Speaks Out on the DiabetesMine Innovation Summit (!)

The CEO and Chief Medical Officer of the American Diabetes Association also wrote a reaction post about the Summit here: Stopping Diabetes Through Innovation


2011 Summit

The inaugural event was co-hosted by Health & Wellness experts from world- renowned design firm IDEO, and they were fantastic in helping us lead the way!

IDEO helped us create this compilation of “Patient Needs in Action” from various submissions to the DiabetesMine Design Challenge contest over the past few years:

IDEO also led us through an afternoon of Brainstorming, Ideation and Prototyping that got people thinking and working together on creating their very own solutions to real-world diabetes problems. Then we ended the day with an open discussion on how to overcome the challenges in bringing new design processes to fruition.

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