DiabetesMine Design Entries - Gallery 2011

#WeAreNotWaiting | Annual Innovation Summit | D-Data ExChange | Patient Voices Contest

Select Entries from our 2011 Innovation Contest


Grand Prize Winner

A futuristic modular three-part “wearable artificial pancreas” that takes the combination of tubeless insulin pumping and continuous glucose monitoring to the next level.


Grand Prize Winner

A small, portable insulin-delivery device unlike anything we’ve seen before.


Grand Prize Winner

An iPhone/iPod touch application that helps a glucose meter to “acknowledge the user as a human being.”

Colored Tubing

Most Creative Idea

Like colored drinking straws, pump tubing could also change color when insulin passed through it, so that PWDs could easily detect clogs or air bubbles.

Rapid-Absorbing Glucose Patch

Kids Category Winner

A transdermal glucose patch that makes it easy to swim or do sports without worrying about carrying emergency sugar in case of hypoglycemia.

Sanguine Diabetes Manager

Judges’ Honorable Mention

A diabetes data management program that represents data in a much more user- friendly way than we’ve seen before, and stresses interoperability of data as a key tenet.

Hanky Pancreas

Highlighted Video Entry

Stylish accessories that make diabetics feel good about wearing a pump.


Highlighted Video Entry

An all-in-one device encompassing a glucose meter, lancer, lancets, test strips, pen needles, and insulin pen holder.


Highlighted Video Entry

A new online service and app for diabetics offering community and information.


A shot drink designed to ward off diabetic shock overnight.

Wound Pump

Highlighted Video Entry

An inexpensive device aimed at solving the worldwide burden of diabetic ulcers.

Micro-Meter Wrist Band

Highlighted Video Entry

Non-invasive band reading BG levels using a microneedle patch.

Prodigi Imaging System

Highlighted Video Entry

A new camera system used to find infection in diabetic wounds (foot ulcers, etc.)

Sweet Dreams

Highlighted Video Entry

A remote bedside monitor so parents can see CGM data overnight while their type 1 kids are sleeping.


Highlighted Video Entry

Prosthetic fingers that accommodate more than 600 variations of assemblies.


Highlighted Paper Entry

A smart phone app for iOS and Android operating systems that will provide a new level of blood glucose monitoring and a reliable safety net for diabetics by allowing loved ones near and far to maintain constant, direct observation of blood glucose levels.


Highlighted Paper Entry

A clean and “green” way to dispose of your diabetes trash.


Highlighted Paper Entry

An eco-friendly combination insulin pump and continuous glucose meter device.

Gio One-Handed Blood Glucose Meter

Highlighted Paper Entry

A small, sleek blood glucose meter designed to make testing with just one hand fast, natural and instinctive.


Highlighted Paper Entry

An alternate method of providing dialysis treatment: an implantable device that connects to veins with naturally high flow rates, providing access by means of a subcutaneous port.

Sonic DiaCure

Highlighted Paper Entry

A futuristic system using sonochemistry for non-invasive glucose monitoring.


Highlighted Paper Entry

Temporary medical ID tattoos that are safe, look great, and last for several days.

Telsa Meter

Highlighted Paper Entry

A glucose meter for blind diabetics, featuring special “touch technology” that can provide all the information in the braille system.

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