Diabetes Tumblr Feeds to Follow

And yes, our D-Community certainly has a presence on this platform! You can find many of them simply by entering the term “diabetes” (and all its variations) in the Tumblr search bar.

Here are Five D-Friends on Tumblr I’d recommend you check out:

Designer Diabetes

The About section for this Tumblr feed makes me smile: “fashion designer by day & a type 1 diabetic for life. My goal…low sugars and high fashion!” Designer Diabetes is run by Kelly, an NYC fashion designer who features a ton of style posts, along with travel, food and diabetes stuff.

I particularly enjoyed the posts from her trip to China, where you can see her at work with her pump clipped to her belt and her Dexcom sensor on her arm. Kelly notes: “Being a designer in NYC and considering all things fashion my life, wearing an insulin pump 24/7 was not my ideal accessory,” but I think she’s more than pulling it off, she might be setting a trend!

Pancreas Problems

Pancreas Problems shares everything from inspiring yearbook photos of a medical service dog to work-in-progress diabetes art comparing arachnophobia to fear of insulin pump failure. She definitely finds the mix of humor, hope, catharsis and serious medical talk.

My Diabetes Secret

My Diabetes Secret is a community project for sharing our anonymous secrets about life with diabetes started by Chris Snider, who you may know from his podcast Just Talking or from his job as the community manager for D-tech company Tidepool. We’ve checked in with Chris on a lot of topics over the years including podcasting and TCOYD’s Smart Patients. Chris was inspired to start this Secrets feed from a blog post by longtime DOC member Kerri Sparling, who once blogged about a Post Secret submission related to diabetes.

My Diabetes Secret a place where many can get things off their chest without fear of judgement. Reading through the secrets shared, I find myself thinking “me too” quite a lot. It’s not a feed to follow for the faint of heart however, as there are submissions shared that are truly heartbreaking, addressing the scary sides of diabetes like complications, self-blame, isolation and depression.

Diabetic Selfies

Diabetic Selfies is another community-focused project that shares photos tagged with hashtag #diabeticselfie and submissions from blog followers. The Diabetic Selfies feed exists to 1) Prove you’re not alone, 2) Provide support, 3) Inspire confidence, 4) Create friends, and 5) Give back to the diabetes community. The submission form requests photos that show off diabetes in a positive light.

Among the pictures that chronicle life with diabetes you will see: lots of insulin pumps, CGMs, tattoos, art and a little love. This one also leads to a lot of “me too” moments while viewing posts.

Diabetes Heroes

This is the Tumblr of the Diabetes Hero Squad, whose mission is to educate, enlighten and entertain people with diabetes of all ages. They are animated superheroes, Captain Glucose and Meter Boy — the alter-egos of actors and comedians Bill Kirchenbauer, who lives with type 2 diabetes, and Brad Slaight, who lives with type 1.

Their Tumblr feed is a good balance of education, enlightenment and entertainment… heavy on the entertainment. Most of their posts are memes that feature some clever one-liners, puns or timely references, with plenty of diabetes truths injected.

Hopefully some of you recognize the D-Hero Squad from Brad Slaight’s illustrations featured regularly as part of our Sunday Funnies series of cartoons here at the ‘Mine.

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