Diabetes and Menopause: Not so Musical

Not everything that happens to you when you have diabetes is a complication, but sometimes it sure can make things complicated! For women with diabetes, our monthly menstrual cycle not only brings in waves of heightened emotion, bloating and fatigue, but it can also bring increased resistance to insulin and food cravings (i.e. chocolate). What happens when those visits from Aunt Flo stop, or at least slow down, as menopause starts to set in? What happens to the diabetes as a woman ages?

We’re treating this as part of our monthly series on complications. Although not quite as hilarious as the broadway show on this topic, this is OUR salute of sorts to women who are experiencing The Change:

In fact, the changes that menopause brings in your body can have unfortunate effects on diabetes management.

Menopause is an uncomfortable but unfortunately inevitable part of life for every woman — diabetes or not! Hopefully this provides some insight into what you to look out for going into The Change when you’ve got diabetes.

Ladies: anyone out there already gone through menopause with diabetes? Or beginning that process now? As usual, we would love to hear your “in-the- trenches” experiences and suggestions.

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