Devil Worshipper Charged with Another MurderJust Months After Release on Bail

Houston Police Department

After spending four years behind bars awaiting trial for allegedly killing a teenage friend, Edward ONeal was temporarily granted his freedom when his bond was reduced over the summer.

I told the DA he should not get out. He killed my son, hell be killing again, Christa Roberts, the mother of the 16-year-old whom ONeal fatally stabbed in 2016, told ABC13. Im sorry you had to go through this. Justice is going to be served.

Around the same time as the murder, according to court documents first obtained by the Houston Chronicle, ONeal had tried to take his own life and was checked into the psychiatric unit at Ben Taub Hospital. In a police interview, ONeals mother revealed that her son also confessed to stabbing Ryan Roberts to death and carrying his body into some nearby woods.

ONeals mother also told ABC13 at the time that her son worshipped the devil and that the murder was a satanic act. She said hed killed several family pets in the past.

His father, Edward ONeal Sr., added to KHOU after his sons arrest that he has a history of mental illness and was into devil-worshipping.

Oh I know that hes worshipping the devil and stuff, ONeal said in 2016, while maintaining his son was innocent. He didnt tell me nothing. He didnt say nothing about doing nothing.

ONeal also admitted to KPRC 2 during a jailhouse 2016 interview that he worshipped the devil but insisted he didnt kill Roberts and that another friend was responsible.

Why would I kill my best friend who did nothing to me? he told the outlet.

Over the next four years, ONeal remained in Harris County Jail on a $50,000 bond awaiting his trial that was still pending due to his mental competency. During his time in jail, ONeals lawyers revealed he had a diagnosis of schizoaffective disorder and has a history of mental health issues. In his own letter to the court months after his arrest, the 23-year-old stated he was hearing voices and feeling suicidal.

A 2019 assessment concluded that ONeal either had a mental illness or an intellectual disability, the Houston Chronicle reported.

The cousin, who has not been identified, also told investigators she had a handgun in her apartment that was missing after the slaying. She claimed she heard gunfire, but did not actually see the shooting.

She looked out the window and saw her cousin running away, investigators wrote in the affidavit. She thinks Edward had taken her gun.

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