Detailed Timeline of Miranda Kerr's Hairstyles

Why Miranda Kerr, as opposed to any other supermodel with great hair, you ask? Well, like we said before, she's one of our personal beauty muses. Beyond that, though, her hair is unique. Much like the rest of her beauty style, it walks a fine line between being beachy and polished. We know that sounds paradoxical, but it's true. It's almost like she spends all day out on the beach to give her hair a breezy, windswept texture before heading directly to a world-class hairstylist to tweak and refine it. That's how we imagine it, at least. So that, our friends, is why we compiled 20 of her all-time best hairstyles, so we can get inspired to look just as beachy and polished throughout the summer season.


Okay, we're starting out the list by taking it all the way back to 2008. Remember that year? It was when Twilight hit theaters, Kim Kardashian West first entered the scene, and Miranda Kerr's face adorned almost every single Victoria's Secret ad campaign. It seems like just yesterday. Here, a baby-faced Miranda Kerr appeared at a Victoria's Secret event wearing a distinctly '70s- inspired hairstyle. It's reminiscent of Farrah Fawcett's iconic hairdo.

Blown-Out Waves

In 2010, Kerr had already cut her chestnut hair to collarbone length, which started her long love affair with short hair. She was sure to keep it in line with the classic Victoria's Secret look, though, by styling the new length in big blown-out waves.

Barrel Waves With a Side Part

At the 2013 Met Gala, Kerr wore her hair in big barrel waves complete with an extreme side part and an insane amount of shine. Please excuse us while we reach for a shine serum because our hair is suddenly looking very dull. So, yes, we love this hairstyle, but rest assured that her vampy red lip isn't going unnoticed, either.

Sophisticated Ponytail

At another 2013 event, Kerr made a red carpet appearance wearing a sophisticated ponytail. We like how it's brushed back and tied halfway between the crown of her head and the nape of her neck. It makes for an extremely polished take on a traditional ponytail.

Classic Side Part With Curls

Here we see Kerr's classic hairstyle—one that seems to have become her go-to at various events and red carpet appearances. It involves big brushed-out curls, a deep side part, and lots and lots of shine. (That vivid pink lip color would also become a signature.)

Modern Looped Bun

We told you so. Kerr loves a bright pink lip just like the rest of us. We also love this modern looped bun that she wore in 2013, which is equal parts understated and edgy (yet another contradiction for you). It accentuates her bone structure as well.

Polished Ponytail

Here's another example of Kerr winning at wearing a polished ponytail. She attended a gala dinner in 2014 with this super-glamorous version that was teased at the top and curled at the ends. After that, it looks like we just need to add a black lace dress, red lipstick, and lots of diamonds to get the same look (casual, right?).

Long With Tousled Texture

It's not often that we see Kerr wear her hair long. In fact, for the past few years, she's kept it collarbone length or shorter, which is why we had to include a long-haired style for old time's sake. We like the tousled texture paired with her kohl-rimmed eyes. To replicate, we'll be using Not Your Mother's Double Take Dry Texture Spray ($7).

Old-Hollywood Waves

In 2015, on the Vanity Fair Oscar Party red carpet, Kerr's glamorous old- Hollywood waves made an appearance. Not to sound like a broken record, but we love how her hair always looks shiny and healthy, no matter the style. Aside from shine serum, we're thinking this style required a good hair spray to keep the curls intact.

Signature Sleek Low Bun

At 2015's Paris Fashion Week, Kerr attended the Louis Vuitton show donning another one of her signature styles—a slicked-back low bun. To replicate the wet-look sheen of Kerr's hair, watch celeb hairstylist Chris Appleton show us what products to use.

Polished Topknot

Next, we have to talk about Kerr's topknot, which—as always—is shiny, healthy, and super polished. (Real question: Does she always wake up with hair this sleek, or does she have bad hair days when she tosses it up into a messy bun, like the rest of us mere mortals?).

Tousled Lob

In 2015, we saw the closest thing to undone and messy as Kerr's hair has ever gotten. Here, she wears her fresh lob haircut in tousled, texturized beach waves. Can we all agree that she should bring this look back? It looks like she used a salt spray to achieve this look (something like R+Co Rockaway Salt Spray, $15, which is one of our favorites).

Sleek Updo With a Center Part

We're calling it: pink lips, bright eyes, and sleek hair are officially Miranda Kerr's beauty trifecta. Here, she tweaks her signature updo by rocking a center part instead of the deep side part we're so used to seeing.

Bob With Vintage Waves

At Vanity Fair's 2016 Oscar Party, Kerr appeared with her shortest style yet—a bob that was cut just below her chin. She paired her vintage waves with a fiery red lip and orange eye shadow. We were instantly obsessed.

Effortless Bob

That new bob looked just as chic when worn straight, especially when she tucked half of her hair back behind one ear. It looks cool and effortless and makes us want to chop off our lengths before the heat of summer hits.

Polished Waves

Her straight hair didn't last long, though. Kerr attended a 2016 event with prim-and-polished waves that reminded us of something a Hollywood starlet from the 1940s would wear.

Bun With Ultra-Thin Braids

At the 2016 Met Gala, which was Manus x Machina themed, Kerr walked the star- studded staircase with a brand-new hairstyle we hadn't seen before. Instead of defaulting to her classic low bun, she added two ultra-thin braids on either side of her head, running from the front all the way down to the low bun at back.

Low Ponytail With a Deep Side Part

By now it's clear that Kerr is all about modernizing classic hairstyles. Here, she updates a traditional low ponytail with a deep side part and a subtle '90s- reminiscent flip at the ends.

Half-Up, Half-Down Bun

In 2017, Kerr switched up her signature style and hair color by opting for this half-up-half-down bun streaked through with golden blonde highlights. We like wearing the very same half-up-half-down style since it's perfect for disguising oily second-day (or let's be honest, third-day), post-shampoo hair.

Brushed-Back Updo

Most recently, in 2018, we fell for Kerr's brushed-back updo. It's simple, chic, and looks easy enough to replicate. Just do as Kerr does and pair it with red lipstick for a bit of French persuasion.

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