Absolute Molecular Efficacy

Data has changed the way we live, and it is about to change the way we take care of ourselves.

Scientists have extensively studied the ingredients of beauty products. But the challenge is, most scientists compared five ingredients on an average. Ideally, we would want to compare all ingredients before using any one of them. That made us think, can we summarize all scientific discoveries on ingredients and find the best ingredients for beauty products?

The first challenge was how can we read millions of scientific papers. Enter Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our team of scientists developed algorithms that can read and understand millions of scientific papers. In the past two years, the algorithms learned English and read 2.8 million scientific papers, published by the brightest of scientists in the last 70 years.

After thousands of experiments unlocking secrets from this exhaustive bank of scientific research, a serendipitous discovery led to the birth of Absolute Molecular EfficacyTM. Absolute Molecular Efficacy is a super-computer, which can analyze all scientific discoveries on ingredients and find the most versatile and potent active ingredients for skincare.

Absolute Molecular EfficacyTM unleashed another closely guarded secret.


The power and potency of natural ingredients are influenced by their origin. Much like wine and coffee, the power of natural ingredients, e.g. plant oils, depends on the origin of the plant. Three generations of scientists have researched potency of almost all origins known to mankind. Absolute Molecular EfficacyTM analyzed all scientific discoveries and found the most potent origin for every natural ingredient.

At ishonest, we believe that the origin of ingredients is the most important aspect of ingredients, and hence we label all our products with this critical information. We want to empower you for more informed choices.

Our chemists, then, meticulously create, test, and perfect compositions. Molecular beauty, a concept that has roots in the Platonic tradition, inspires chemists to artfully manipulate ingredients. In the realm of Absolute Molecular EfficacyTM, molecular beauty unleashes the power and healing properties of natural ingredients.