Zo Kravitz Shares Her Guide to Summertime Skin Care and 9-Product Makeup

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I have always been super into skin care, Zo Kravitz says on a recent summer afternoon. Today, the High Fidelity actress is finally revealing the secrets behind her signature lit-from-within complexion, from what she puts on her skin to what she puts into her body. Beginning with a pumpkin lactic cleanserit smells like Christmas! she quipsKravitz's routine includes just a handful of carefully selected skin-care saviors, including a light serum from Retrouv, the French pharmacy favorite Caudalie mist, and Isun's SPF 27 Sun Buttermany of which she has shared with her mother, Lisa Bonet. My mom and I are constantly sending each other things that we like, says the 32-year-old, who notes that she also embarks on a 30-day Dr. Schulze detoxifying cleanse with Bonet every year. I really think wellness starts with diet, exercise, hydration, she says. I think it's all about balance, right? I think it's about joy and happiness and laughter. I really think that affects how you look and feel, she continues. Then, you don't have to use makeup to cover yourself up; you can use it to highlight.

Case in point?

With her face adequately moisturized, Kravitz goes on to reach for only nine makeup products, all of which leave an almost entirely imperceptible finish. It's fun that no one can tell you're wearing something on your eyes or on your face, she muses, after perfecting her complexion not with foundation but rather with light strokes of Yves Saint Laurent's Touche clat concealer. It's like a little trick!

Here are her own above-the-neck sleights of hand: First, she dots a thin-tipped black pencil on just the outer corner of her lids, blending the mark outward and upward with her pinky finger for an opening effect. She then pats a bronze Nudestix pigment onto her cheeks and lids for a touch of believable color. Finally, with a pink-toned Marc Jacobs crayon in hand, she softly lines her lips, paying extra attention to the center of her mouth for peak poutiness. There are different kinds of makeup, and everyone finds their own style, but I do like to try to encourage people to enhance the things that you love and not try to change your face completely or reshape your face completely, she explains of her go-to no makeup-makeup approach. After all, as she puts it, Everyone is so pretty in their own way.

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