You'll Want to Steal Kourtney Kardashian's $8 Skincare Hack for Brighter Skin

If you’re looking for a way to clean up your skincare regimen, you won’t find a better organic icon than Kourtney Kardashian. The eldest Kardashian sister is all about keeping her lifestyle clean and sustainable through a combination of all-natural products and smart swaps.

One budget-friendly hack we can’t get over is Kardashian’s decision to upgrade a traditional wash cloth or towel in favor of a muslin option. The reality star shared the switch on her website Poosh in a breakdown of her favorite products for a “natural-ish masking and makeup routine.”

Kardashian prefers to use the cotton cloth over other materials because it doesn’t require you to aggressively tug at the skin—a big anti-aging no- go—but still completely removes any traces of excess makeup, oil, or other impurities. The muslin cloth is also more sanitary than other fabrics because the lightweight weave dries faster and allows less time for bacterial growth.

Exfoliation is another benefit of the substitution, according to New York-based dermatologist Debra Jaliman, MD. The weaved texture gently removes dead skin cells to “bring a glow to the skin.” However, dermatologist Julia Tzu, MD, of Wall Street Dermatology in New York City, warns that muslin shouldn’t be used as the sole exfoliator in your regimen because it’s not the most aggressive exfoliator. However, both agree it’s a suitable pick for anyone with sensitive skin, as long as it’s made with 100% cotton.

If you’re ready to give this simple switch a try and see how it works for you, Amazon shoppers have narrowed down an affordable option: the Karlling Facial Cleansing Muslin Cloths, which retail for just $8 for a 10-pack. The pure cotton cloths are slightly larger than a standard makeup wipe and bound at the edge to prevent fraying. Plus, they fall into Dr. Jaliman’s guidelines, which require the muslin cloth to be lightweight and not too stiff.

The Karlling cloths also have a few factors that make them stand out from competitors: They’re soft enough to wipe a baby’s bottom—no really, one five- star reviewer did—and don’t terrorize the skin with a super scratchy texture. What’s more, users agreed that the price point can’t be beat, and many even said they’re comparable to pricier alternatives.

To buy: Karlling Facial Cleansing Muslin Cloths, 10 for $8;

Best of all, maintenance is a breeze. Unlike facial brushes, which require new heads and batteries over time, the most upkeep these cloths need is a quick run through the wash (yes, they’re machine-washable) and time to air dry. No wonder the easy care even convinced one owner to ditch their electric facial cleanser after five years.

While we can’t promise adding these reusable cloths to your skincare arsenal will give you a Kardashian-level glow—she does use plenty of other expensive skincare treatments, after all—multiple reviewers noticed a clear improvement in their complexion with continued use of the muslin cloths. But when it comes to keeping up with the Kardashians, can you think of a better way to do so than with a budget-friendly Amazon find?

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