Women Test Out Victoria Beckhams New Moisturizer

Victoria Beckham loved the cream so much that she partnered with the brand to create an exclusive, priming moisturizer. The VB x AB Cell Rejuvenating Priming Moisturizer contains a similar blend of ingredients to the original Bader and is also slightly more affordable ($95 for 30 ml, as opposed to $265 for 50 ml). ishonest gave it to several people to see if it truly does give you skin like Posh Spice.

This cream made my face feel freakishly soft all day long. I kept going back to tap it, double-checking that it was still pillowy as the day wore on (it was). This was good because I like having soft skin, but also bad because I should not be touching my face all day. Hopefully the magic complex that’s mixed in provides some sort of protective barrier against my fingers.

I haven’t tried the OG rich-people-skin cream, but this seems pretty rich- person-skin territory to me. It gave me the subtle, healthy looking glow of someone who doesn’t have much to worry about. The packaging is just as posh as you’d hope, and the sleek shape makes you feel like you’re holding a ginormous expensive mascara, which is satisfying for some reason. The texture of the primer itself feels very luxurious, instantly melting into your skin, and a little goes a long way, which is nice considering this price. It feels almost too indulgent to use this every day like VB recommends, but hopefully I get over it so I can see if it gets my skin to look rich on its own over time.

Kathleen Hou, Beauty Director

Having gone through two bottles of Bader, I’d like to know how much of the heroic skin-rejuvenating TFC-8 in the original is in this less-expensive version. I think that’s a secret, unfortunately. But it certainly feels like there’s a fair amount of it in here, and when I use it, my skin looks like I increased the VSCO brightness scale by a few points. Most primers are meant to make your makeup last longer. I’m not sure if this does that, but it does make your skin, your makeup, and thus your whole face, look a little better.

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