Why Im Prioritizing Self-Care During Psoriasis Action Month

After getting fully vaccinated against COVID-19 I was hoping I could throw myself into patient-advocacy projects for Psoriasis Action Month. But with the extra infectious delta variant dominating the news and COVID-19 rates ticking up in my area, nothing feels normal quite yet.

In fact, the emotional impact of the pandemic is hitting me harder now than ever before. So I’m taking a different approach for Psoriasis Action Month. Instead of getting busier, I’m planning to rest and de-stress.

The Pandemic’s Impact on My Psoriasis

I haven’t tested positive for COVID-19 or exhibited COVID-19 symptoms, but the pandemic impacted my health in other ways, draining the emotional reserves I rely on to cope with my psoriasis effectively.

I began by talking about how much I appreciated seeing everyone in person. Staying home for months on end had left me feeling isolated from others in the psoriasis community, and I missed the support and the opportunities to stay connected.

I also addressed what it was like to give up in-person visits to my dermatologist and switch to telehealth sessions. Although I was dealing with flares during the pandemic, my dermatologist and I decided that it would be better not to change medication until I could resume in-person appointments.

Rest for a Weary Body, Mind, and Soul

The message to prioritize rest and emotional recovery came from unlikely sources. Even though I’ve been learning the ropes at a new job, my supervisor encouraged me to slow down. Work conferences where I expected to hear about goal-setting instead emphasized the importance of self-care.

When I felt pressure to be more productive, I told myself to take breaks until I felt up to the task. Indeed, I’m recognizing how every part of me needs rest.

My body is telling me to sleep more and more actively manage my insomnia. With the summer heat I haven’t been doing as many of my usual walks, which help me wind down at the end of the day. Those excursions out in the neighborhood relieve stress from my body and provide a mental break from my daily responsibilities.

My soul needs to recover from the sadness of the pandemic. So for Psoriasis Action Month, I’m blocking out time to process the losses I’ve incurred.

Take Action This Month to Prioritize Self-Care

This Psoriasis Action Month, if you’re feeling anything like I am, you understand the need for rest. You sense how hard the pandemic has hit you and your physical and emotional health.

Giving yourself permission to rest might be one of the most powerful things you can do.

You can read more about my experiences on my website, PsoHoward.

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