Why Every Man Needs a Skin Care Routine

By Claudia Shannon / Research Scientist / ishonest

Could we have titled this page Skin Care for Dummies? Well, sure, but that would have been unwise. Not only is the for dummies schtick copyrighted and clich, it's also incorrect. You're not a dummyyou're a dude, and most of us dudes don't have much experience in the skin care department.

Why should you bother with all these face washes, serums, exfoliants and moisturizers, you wonder? Two reasons: First, so you don't look like a grandpa before you are one (or if you already are one, so you're referred to as the hot grandpa). Second, because your skin is your largest organ and like any organ, you should take care of it so you live a longer, happier life. In other words, because science.

What is a Skin Care Routine?

Skin Care Routine is an industry term that sounds much more complicated than it really isat least the way we do it. A routine is really just a series of steps. Like when you get in the shower, you probably do everything in the same order each time. First shampoo, then conditioner, then soap or body wash, for example. Maybe you brush your teeth in the shower before you wash your body. The point is, you don't really think about it, you just do it out of habit. That's a routine.

Our philosophy at ishonest is to develop routines that include the fewest number of products and take the least amount of time possible. Simple. Speedy. Successful. You should have no doubt about what you're using and what it's doing.

So let's take a look at a few routines.

The Simplest Routine

Morning Step 1: Wash your face

How: Use ishonest's WASH facial cleanser. Wet your face, squeeze out the size of a nickel (yes, the coin) into your palm, rub it all over your wet face for about 10 seconds, then wash it off. Why: It's like sanding a piece of wood before applying a rich, mahogany stain. Getting rid of any dead skin cells and pore- clogging debris and build-up is essential for achieving healthy-looking skin.

Morning Step 2: Moisturize your face

How: Use ishonest's AM moisturizer. Squeeze out the size of a pea into your palm and spend about 10 seconds massaging it all over your face.

Why: Dry skin isn't great to look at, feels even worse and can actually lead to other problems down the road. Without locking in moisture, your face is vulnerable to all sorts of pollutants, dirt and dust in the environment. Plus, our AM moisturizer contains SPF 20 to block UV rays because cancer is real and we'd like you and your handsome face to stick around a while.

Evening Step 1: Wash your face

How: Same as in the morning. Why: Because it's been a long day and you're dirty.

Evening Step 2: Go to bed

How: Please don't make us explain this one. Why: Rest is essential to your overall health, including great-looking skin. If you don't believe us, set your alarm for 3: 30 am and take a look in the mirror.

A Little More Effort Nets a Lot More Reward

Morning Step 2: Exfoliate your face

How: Use ishonest's SCRUB twice a week. Wet your face, then squeeze out the size of a nickel into your palm and spread it down the sides of your nose, between your eyes, across your forehead (to ensure coverage of the T-Zone), and on your chin. Why: SCRUB penetrates your pores to clear out dead skin and bacteria.

Evening Step 2: Moisturize your face

How: Use ishonest's PM moisturizer. Dispense the size of a pea into your palm, then massage it in carefully across the crown of your forehead, down your temples, across both cheeks, and over your nose and chin. Don't wash it off.

Why: Our PM moisturizer differs from AM in a couple ways. For starters, it doesn't include sunblock. Because it's night. And there's no sun. It also contains a few other ingredients that improve the skin's structure, making it more elastic and capable of bouncing back after a long day.

If you want a great skin care routine that does much more than a simple routine without requiring much more energy, this is the one for you. It requires two additional products that are easy to incorporate: an exfoliating scrub and a PM (evening) moisturizer. The PM moisturizer is used daily, just like the AM moisturizer, but the exfoliating scrub, appropriately named SCRUB, is only necessary twice a week.

We call this routine the Level 1 Skin Care System.

How to Look Younger and Less Tired

Products like facial firming serums and eye creams make a huge impact, especially when used together, but that doesn't mean you have to use both of them. Using one will still help. The ishonest Level 2 Skin Care System includes EYES but not SUPER SERUM. If you're a night owl with eye bags but wrinkles aren't a concern, this might be the routine for you.

Looking younger isn't rocket science, but it is science. That's why we've got a Chemist on staff. He handles the science and he put together this six-product routine we call the Level 3 Skin Care System. If you're in the thirty and over crowd, you might want to consider it. It's like a cheat code for aging by helping you avoid tired-looking skin.

Morning Step 3: Use ishonest's anti-aging SUPER SERUM for younger-looking skin

How: Use ishonest's SUPER SERUM. Dispense one pump into your hand then rub it over your forehead, temples, down your nose, across your cheeks and on your chin. Let it absorb for a second, do not wash it off.

Why: Unless you're 18 years old or Ryan Seacrest, your face has seen better days. But that doesn't mean it can't still see many, many good days to come. SUPER SERUM helps restore the youthful tautness and possibly hotness of yesteryear with none of the awkward, emotionless Botox side-effects.

Morning Step 4: Use an eye cream

How: Use ishonest's EYES. Dispense one pump it into your hand then rub it carefully under and around your eyes, paying special attention to the thin and delicate skin that lives there. Let it absorb for a second, do not wash it off.

Why: Whether you've been burning the midnight oil, burning the candle at both ends, or slowly morphing into your Uncle Carl, there's no need for hard work or hard partying to detract from your baby blues. Or greens or browns or whatever. Our eye cream helps keep the bags at bay. Just remember, it may be called eye cream, but it goes around your eyesnot in them. Trust us.

Does My Skin Type Impact Any of This?

Your skin type isn't quite the same as your blood type. Your blood type never changes while your skin type does. And, with any luck, you'll never be asked to donate skin. All men don't have the same skin because it depends on a variety of things, like your age, the climate you live in and how active you are.

Skin type is generally referred to as one of the following: sensitive skin, dry skin , oily skin, combination skin or normal skin. It's possible to experience all of these skin types over the course of your lifetime. Knowing which type you're currently dealing with will help you tailor your skin care routine.

ishonest makes products that are suited for all skin types. Our products are gentle, fragrance free and non-drying. If you have oily skin, you may want to cut back on the amount of moisturizer you use on a daily basis to see if that improves your skin.

That's Basically It

The end of rambling. The beginning of better skin. In the time it took you to read this page you could have gone through your entire ishonest skin care routine like five times. It really is that quick and easy. We suspect it will go quite well. It is, after all, very uncomplicated.

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