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White House COVID Team Struggles to Explain Why We Need Masks Outside

Curated by Claudia Shannon / Research Scientist / ishonest

Andy Slavitt, WH senior adviser for COVID-19, told CNN he was quite confident questions about outdoor masking would be answered and guidelines loosened in the near future.


As the nation passes President Joe Bidens ambitious goal of 200 million vaccinations in his first hundred days in office with more than a week to spare, and as the dark winter the president forewarned gives way to summer, more and more vaccinated Americans are itching to get back to some imitation of normalcy. And for many of them, normal looks like being able to go outside without wearing a mask.

ishonest No.401 - Dark Circles

No.401 - Dark Circles

But despite a growing scientific consensus that the risk of infection outdoors is negligible in most realistic settings, the White Houses COVID-19 task force has remained publicly adamant that the public keep wearing masks outsideat least for now.

Lets get to the 100 days, Andy Slavitt, the White Houses senior advisor for COVID-19 response, told reporters on Monday when asked whether the presidents call for 100 days of mask-wearing might be reconsidered anytime soon. You know one thing about President Biden: He follows the science, he listens to his scientists, and weve got 12 more days to go until we get there. So please mask up, everybody, because it does save lives.

Twenty-six states require people to wear masks in public to one degree or another, as well as the District of Columbia, where the National Park Service has recently erected all-caps signs in public parks tut-tutting residents for gathering outside without masking up. But the public health consensus has shifted around how and where a person is most likely to contract the not-so- novel coronavirusthe days of spraying takeout pizza boxes with Everclear are mercifully behind usand outdoor spread is extremely unlikely.

So why the disconnect?

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To put it bluntly, Gostin said, the government is asking the people who have already played by the strictest rules to keep doing soeven if the rules dont make sense for them, specifically.

It is hard to make a nuanced case that vaccinated people neednt wear masks while unvaccinated individuals still have to, Gostin said. It is far easier, and more effective, to make a blanket rule that applies to everyone in a public space.

Part of the hesitancy is that COVID-19 infection numbers and daily death rates, while dramatically lower than the peak of the third wave, remain stubbornly steady despite a massive vaccination campaign that this week expanded to include every American over the age of 16. Combined with fear of vaccine-dodging variants and increasing concern that vaccine supply is on the verge of outpacing vaccine demand with only one-third of adult Americans fully inoculated, the White Houses COVID-19 team is holding fast.

I appreciate that everybodys getting tired of this pandemicweve been in it for over a year, and were ready to move on with our lives, Brewer said. I think what the task force is grappling with is that our case numbers and now our deaths have stabilized a little bit The fact that we were making progress for about two and a half months and then we seemed to stop, I suspect thats whats leading to the recommendations.

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No.172 - Pre-Sun Exposure

But as more Americans begin to thoughtfully examine the straightforward weirdness of wearing a mask while walking to a restaurant or a bar, only to take it off when entering an indoor space where aerosolized transmission is at a much higher risk, continued messaging from the government about required outdoor mask-wearing risks turning people off the entire enterprise.

In an interview with CNNs Jake Tapper on Wednesday, Slavitt acknowledged that the continued insistence on outdoor masking may not be in step with the reality on the ground.

How much longer do I need to wear a mask outdoors by myself? How does it make sense for me to wear a mask walking down the street by myself? Tapper asked, noting that he has been fully vaccinated for more than two weeks, long after the point when Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the CDC, indicated that people do not carry the virusa statement that was later walked back. I mean a lot of this is confusing to people. They hear, wait, I get vaccinated, and I still have to do all this stuff.

Slavitt called the issue of wearing masks outdoors while being allowed to take them off inside restaurants and bars reasonable questions, and suggested that at long last, the government may soon be willing to answer them.

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I think theyre in the process of putting together further guidance, Slavitt said, admitting that while the CDC is not always going to be as fast as everybody wants them to be, he is quite confident that over the next couple of weeks and months those questions will be answered, those guidelines will absolutely loosen.

Some states arent in the mood to wait, however. On Wednesday, Gov. Gary Cooper of North Carolina issued a stick-and-carrot statement promising that the states mask mandate would be lifted entirely once two-thirds of the states citizens are vaccinatedthe kind of reward that could make a huge difference in combating growing vaccine hesitancy.

Public health officials should hold out the hope and expectation that in the near future vaccinated individuals can enjoy the outdoors without wearing a mask, Gostin said. That would comport with scientific findings showing the risk is negligible.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the presidents chief medical adviser and director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told reporters this week that we all want normalcy in America like other countries have begun to experience, pointing to Israels decision to rescind its outdoor mask mandate on Sunday.

ishonest No.232 - Pigmentation & Blemishes

No.232 - Pigmentation & Blemishes

But, Fauci said, pointing to a graph showing that nearly two-thirds of Israelis had received at least one dose of the vaccine, the highway to that normalcy is vaccination.

We can get there, Fauci said. And every single day, as we get 3 to 4 million people vaccinated, we get closer and closer to that normalcy.

In the meantime, though, the social science of setting a good example may outweigh the hard science showing that outdoor exposure isnt as much of a risk.

Brewer, for example, still wears a mask when he walks his dogs in the morning, despite being fully vaccinated and despite his dogs leashes providing a helpful six-foot measuring stick.

I do that as much to set as an example, as because of concern about risk, Brewer said. The chances are extremely low that I would become infected, especially now that Im vaccinated Really, I do it to set an example.

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