We Tried The New Regenerating Serum That's Already Selling Out

Eighth Day has done it again.

Whether you want flawless makeup application or anti-aging benefits, a thorough skincare routine is essential—regardless of your skincare goals. Although our skin is naturally equipped with everything it requires to repair and restore itself, it never hurts to have a little assistance from time to time, which is a universal truth the team at Eighth Day fully understands.

Dr. Antony Nakhla, a dermatologic surgeon who has personally witnessed the healing and regenerative powers of human skin, developed Eighth Day Skin's Regenerative Serum ($325) to double down on the skin's natural corrective powers straight from your vanity. The resulting product includes a proprietary blend of peptides, actives, and amino acids in one do-it-all formula.

“Through my work in reconstructive skin cancer surgery, I made the connection between the various techniques using stem cells and nutrient-rich membranes to heal open wounds and the dramatic effects of bioidentical ingredients,” Dr. Nakhla shares with ishonest. This wealth of firsthand experience clearly contributed to the product's success. Since its release, the skin serum has not only received hundreds of positive reviews, it has also consistently sold out on retailer Violet Grey, which got us eager to give the serum a try.

“It was the genuine experience and testimonials from the Violet Grey Committee —including founder Cassandra Grey, who chose the serum as her favorite of all— that caused the surge in sales of the Regenerative serum,” Dr. Nakhla tells us.

Below, read more on the serum’s formula, the ingredients, and our honest review.

The Formula

The Eighth Day Regenerative Serum formula harnesses the power of modern skin technology and bioidentical ingredients that are synthesized to mimic what's already naturally found in your skin. “Ingredients that skin cells recognize as innate, rather than foreign objects. In this way, I like to say that, ‘we speak the language of skin’ in its own native tongue by providing skin cells with those molecules that are already present,” Dr. Nakhla explains.

Made of the highest quality ingredients tested in a clinical setting, the serum contains patent-pending Peptide-Rich Plasma to improve loss of volume, firmness, and dullness, along with a host of extra benefits. “I developed Peptide-Rich Plasma, a proprietary, high-potency topical delivery system containing 24 bioidentical peptides, growth factors, and amino acids. The formula dives deep within the skin’s surface to affect real change at the dermal level,” says Dr. Nakhla.

In addition to Peptide-Rich Plasma, active ingredients include Nonapeptide-1 to target discoloration, Niacinamide to reduce redness and inflammation, Manuka Honey which promotes healing and skin immunity, Glycolic Acid which smooths skin texture and reduces enlarged pores, and Hyaluronic Acid to improve moisture and skin plumpness. It even protects against UV, infrared, and blue light damage with the help of Savage Ginger Root Extract and Knotgrass Flavonoids.

According to the brand, Eighth Day’s serum has undergone rigorous testing to ensure maximum efficacy, hypoallergenic, and safe for sensitive skin.

Getting The Best Results

Dr. Nakhla gives us the 411 on getting the best results out of the highly sought-after serum, and he suggests using it regularly. "While most users will notice results within the first two weeks, regular use of this serum will result in long-lasting benefits in their skin's overall health and vitality."

"Just like with diet and exercise, your body can start feeling better right away, but it doesn't immediately change into a perfectly fit physique. It takes time for your skin to change as well," he concludes.

The Review

Madeline Hirsch, Sr. News Editor

While I haven't used this serum quite long enough to see the long-term benefits (I'm currently on day seven), I can confirm it has a workable texture that absorbs super quickly, which is high on my serum checklist. (I like to seal in all of my layers with a hefty layer of moisturizer.) It also has a great skin feel even if you wait a minute to lock everything in—it left behind no stickiness or discernable residue. Overnight, it seems to boost hydration and general skin bounciness after a few uses. Plus, I love that this formula is supercharged with a host of anti-aging ingredients, so you can cut down on your nightly routine.

While the price is higher than other anti-aging serums on the market, opting for a product that prioritizes clinical results like Eighth Day might save me money long term. And that, dear reader, is what I'm really after.

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