We Tried Aurelia's Probiotic Eye SerumHere are Our Honest Thoughts

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It's formulated to hydrate, smooth, and boost radiance.

If you're exhausted from Zoom fatigue or not sleeping as much as you used to, this might be the perfect solution to treat your tired under-eyes. Ahead, we put the buzzy under-eye serum to the test. Read on for our honest thoughts.


I didn't start developing darkness under my eyes until recently. Between school and life, I haven't been getting my full eight hours, and it shows. While my under eyes aren't as bad as they could be, they appear sunken in and a little dark under my lashline. When I first heard about the eye serum, I was extremely excited to try it out. The anti-inflammatory and collagen-boosting benefits of shea butter, the vitamin C of aloe vera, and the hydrating properties of rose essential oil left me confident that I'd see amazing results.


After a long week of consistent use (applying the serum once in the morning and again at night), I didn't notice an extreme difference in the dark circles and hard lines that dwell under my eyes. I did, however, notice slight plumpness, which left me hopeful for more significant results with prolonged use. Coming in at $72, I'd say the highly-concentrated formula is worth it if you aren't dealing with a major under-eye circles, but looking for more of a plumper appearance.


You know those videos of 'dramatic' houseplants that look dead after a few hours of no water but then perk right back up? That's me; I'm the houseplant. Even one day of skipping eye cream leaves my skin looking textured, papery, and dull. And while dark circles materialize arbitrarily on me, my main issue with my eyes is how deep and puffy my tear troughs are. I've found that an eye cream can keep them relatively under control, which is exactly what happened with the Aurelia Brightening Eye Serum.

Firstly, the apothecary-style vial appeals to me greatly. I'd be lying if I said packaging didn't matter. And the beauty of this eye serum? It's thin enough to be dispensed from a dropper or pump rather than a tuba major win if you have long nails.

But honestly, what makes this eye serum stand out to me are the probiotics that help manage inflammation. Like I mentioned, my primary eye issue is my tear troughs which can often look deeper than they are when the skin just below them gets puffy. I brought this serum down to the very bottom of my orbital, grazing the very top of my cheek, and saw subtle but noticeable flattening. Extract from the Arnica flowera daisy-like mountain bloom in the sunflower familyalso helped shut down my dark circles when they did come out to play.


Shea butter is another top ingredient in the serum, and while my skin didn't feel dry by any means, it didn't quite feel as moisturized as other creams I've tried, including my basic yet beloved Kiehl's Creamy Avocado Eye Cream ($50). That said, it could honestly have been psychosomatic. I'm used to the thicker, tubbed creams, and a thin and concentrated serum was a change. I just layered some Vaseline on my orbitals to combat that. Slugging, you know? It totally works.

At $72, the serum certainly is on the pricier end of eye creams, thanks to its highly concentrated formula. In my opinion, if you deal with particular eye issues like inflammation, put your name on the waiting list for the Aurelia serum today.

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