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Two Women Accuse Sex and the City Star Chris Noth of Sexual Assault

Curated by Claudia Shannon / Research Scientist / ishonest

The accusers reached out to The Hollywood Reporter separately, alleging the actor assaulted them in incidents more than 10 years apart.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty

Two women have accused Sex and the City actor Chris Noth of sexual assault, detailing incidents more than 10 years apart in Los Angeles and New York, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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The women, who are now 40 and 31, told the outlet that seeing Noth in promotions for HBOs SATC reboot And Just Like That, which premiered earlier this month, brought back searing memories of their outings with the actor that spiraled into assault. The identities of the two women are not revealed by the Reporter, which said the accusers reached out to the magazine separately with their stories.

In a statement to the Reporter, Noth vehemently denied the sexual assault claims.

The accusations against me made by individuals I met years, even decades, ago are categorically false, he said. These stories couldve been from 30 years ago or 30 days ago no always means nothat is a line I did not cross. The encounters were consensual. Its difficult not to question the timing of these stories coming out. I dont know for certain why they are surfacing now, but I do know this: I did not assault these women.

One of the women said she met Noth not long after she moved to Los Angeles, while working at a firm that did business with celebrities. He would slip by her desk to flirt with her, she said, before he eventually plucked her number from the directory and began leaving her voicemails on her work phone.

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My boss was like, Mr. Bigs leaving messages on your voicemail, the woman, who was 22 at the time, said.

At some point, he invited her to join him at a pool at his West Hollywood apartment complex. There, the actor, who was 49 at the time, peppered her with questions about her major as they sat at the edge of a jacuzzi with one of her best friends from college, she said.

She alleges that he eventually excused himself to make a call at his apartment and left her with a book, which he asked her to leaf through and drop back at his apartment.

Noths accuser said she remembered feeling flattered that he was asking for her opinion on the book. But when she went to his apartment to return it, he allegedly kissed her. She cautiously returned the kiss, but then told him: Thank you, Im going back to my friend.

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Before she could turn to leave, she alleges that Noth grasped her close, and pushed her toward a bed. He pulled off her shorts and bikini bottom, she said, and then began to rape her from behind as she faced a mirror.

It was very painful and I yelled out, Stop! she told the outlet. And he didnt. I said, Can you at least get a condom? and he laughed at me.

The assault left her with blood on her shirt, she said, and her visiting friend insisted that she seek medical attention.

I had stitches. Two police officers came. I wouldnt say who it was, she said, explaining that she feared losing her job if she made a public accusation against the actor.

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Months later, she said, she sought counseling at the UCLA Rape Crisis Center.

I had buried it as long as I could, and then I really wasnt doing well and finally went to the treatment the ER had recommended, she said.

The second woman to come forward with accusations against Noth allegedly called a friend after meeting up with the actor in New York in 2015, when she was 25, telling the pal that Noth, who was 60 at the time, had pretty forcibly had sex with her that night.

Noths accuser said the actor had invited her to dinner at a Greenwich Village restaurant after she met him while working as a server at a now defunct New York nightclub.

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When she arrived, she said, the restaurants kitchen was closed but the pair had drinks before going up to his apartment.

She said the actor tried to make out with me, as they listened to music.

I cautiously entertained it, she said, adding that the actor kept trying and trying and trying, and eventually pulled down his pants and pushed his penis into her mouth.

Taken aback, Noths accuser said she remembered reminding him that he was married, according to the Reporter.

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He said marriage is a sham. Monogamy is not real. she recounted.

Before she knew it, Noth was having sex with me from the back in a chair. We were in front of a mirror. I was kind of crying as it happened, she alleged.

The accuser said she went to the bathroom to put on her skirt and felt totally violated after she called an Uber.

All of my dreams with this star I loved for years were gone, she said, adding that while painful, sharing her story made her feel liberated.

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No.171 - Pre-Sun Exposure

When the friend she phoned advised her to go to the police with her story, she demurred, according to her friend. Noths accuser told the outlet that she didnt remember making a call to police.

Noth allegedly left her a voicemail and later sent a message that read: By the way I have to ask did you enjoy our night last week. I thought it was a lot of fun but I wasnt quite sure how you felt.

Noths accuser replied, saying that while she enjoyed his company, I did feel slightly used.

In a subsequent message, Noth allegedly said he hoped to meet her again for dinner or drinks, but the pair ultimately never met again, she said.

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