Two-Toned Dye Jobs We're Completely Obsessed With

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For those of us who are massively indecisive, picking just one hair color can seem daunting. Thank goodness, then, that two-tone hair is the latest trend to hit the mainstream. Somewhere in Jamaica, dancehall artist Elephant Man is saying "I told you so."

Shades of Copper

You too, can be the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, with this blink-or-you'll- miss-it two-toned bob created by Nadina Thelen Ray at Glow. It's a more subtle take on the trend, but it still makes a major impact.

Pink & Black Friday

@in.finn.ite's pixie is a party in the front and all business in the back. That specific, vibrant shade of flamingo pink you see here was achieved using the Morocconoil Color Depositing Mask in Hibiscus on bleached hair, as they told us via DM.

Take a Brow

A step up from two-toned hair? Matching two-toned eyebrows. @charlieartsociety achieved this look using the now-sold-out Magic Collection Hair Color Wax.

Frame Game

If you're not too keen on dyeing the whole half of your head, these chunky, face-framing highlights are a good option. Not to mention, it's a look that's totally trending for 2020.

Cotton Candy

There may be no actual difference in the flavors of blue and pink cotton candy, but we've gotta say using the colors in a two-toned dye job is pretty sweet. This look — created by Cedar Rapids, Iowa-based hairstylist SelahV using Pulp Riot Hair Color — is giving us serious visions of a county fair.

It's Electric

Another way to take this trend to the next level? Adding coordinated highlights to both sides of the hair, creating a kind of neon color story.

Cruella Looking Swell-a

Cruella de Vil may not have been too keen on animal rights, but we've gotta say sis was ahead of her time with that half-white, half-black dye job. Part-Moira Rose from Schitt's Creek, part-Louise Brooks, this hair color done by Trish VanEeckhoute at Circle Square Salon proves there's no need for a gray area.

A Subtle Tone

Not every two-toned look has to be bold; we love the gentle ashiness of Olivia Alexandra's chunky front highlights. Both colors would work beautifully by themselves as a natural-looking all-over dye job, but combining them gives both hues a really cool edge.

Braided Baddie

Influencer Whitney Madueke captioned this photo, “Couldn’t decide between pink or blue,” and honestly, neither can we. These braids, which Madueke said were done in Lagos, Nigeria, are a killer way to introduce the trend to kinky and coily textures without having to go through the process of actually dyeing your hair.

Two-Tone Elegance

Sometimes all it takes is a streak. Take your standard blonde highlights to the next level with bright, bleached, face-framing highlights. Created by Emma Saxon, this style is perfect to transition from winter to spring.

Check(er) Me Out

Call us basic, but our favorite iterations of the two-toned hair look come in black and white. Daniel Diaz tells ishonest he achieved this look at home using the L'Oreal Quick Blue High Performance Powder Lightener and 30 volume developer. He double processed, and then toned with ion Platinum Lace Bright White Creme Toners.


This shocking pink and electric orange hair color, which @_angmichele_ says she achieved with Arctic Fox dyes, reminds us of a delicious rum punch. Hues this bright need to be taken care of in order to remain vibrant longer, so be sure to use a color-safe shampoo to keep the vibrancy on 10.

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