TV Chef Katie Lee Swears By This $7 Vegan Product to Cover Grays in Minutes

"I really love this Revlon foundation. This is great because it's really buildable coverage; it doesn't go on super heavy so I can kind of build it up as I need it. I just put a little bit on my hand like this, and then I get a wet Beautyblender or I'll use the back of my ring finger and just kind of dot it on. I usually start under my eyes, I put a little bit on my nose (because my nose gets kind of red), and then I go right along the bottom here. I use a Beautyblender and just blend it in as I need it—so that it's not a full face of foundation."

"I love RMS Beauty, this is a great clean line. I use it for a little bit of everything. I take it and go in a c-shape here, just under my cheekbone and curve up to where my eyes are, and then I actually use it as my eyeshadow as well. It's a way of adding just a little contour. I go right in the middle of my eyelid and build a little shadow there, and then I like to take it along the bridge of my nose on either side, to just kind of blend my nose down. It's a little bit of contouring but it also highlights a little bit at the same time because there's a little bit of metallic in there as well."

"I'm a big believer that if your hair doesn't look good, you don't really feel your best. I think it starts with hair color, and I am absolutely, totally obsessed with this new Revlon Total Color. I have greys, I'm getting to that age, and they always want to come in right in my part. It doesn't matter if I'm doing a center part or a side part, they're in there. I'd say it's probably been about 10 days since I colored my hair and I love it. I mean, I think it's so nice and shiny, it takes about 30 minutes total. My mom and her friends actually color their hair together, they'll pick a day and they have a little party. So, why not make a girls' day of it?"

"I always, always have to have mascara. That's the one thing I don't want to leave the house without, even if I can't put anything else on my face. Right now I love this new product. This is a really great, clean mascara, which is hard to find. It really stays in its place. If you look at the tip of the brush, it has a little curve to it. After you've taken it through your lashes, put it upright and go on the ends, and it really pulls the ends of the lashes out and makes them look super long."

"You've got to have a good lip gloss. I love lawless products. Lawless is another clean beauty brand, and this doesn't have any petroleum in it, no parabens, and it goes on really smoothly. It's a great color—it's got this wonderful kind of peachy-pink to it, and there's a shine. I know matte lips have been in style for a while, but I always love a little bit of shine."

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