Treatments to Buy for The New Mums in Your Life

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Make sure you include some babysitting time with that treatment voucher...

These are some of our favourite ideas for treatments for new mums - and if you want to make sure that gift gets used before her baby turns 18, make sure you offer up some babysitting time to go with it!

ESPA's Blissful Maternity Treatment

ESPA's maternity treatment is tailored to each individual's needs - this long and luxurious massage is just what the doctor ordered for stressed new mums (warning: you'll almost certainly fall asleep). 240 for 90 minutes at the Corinthia Hotel, London.

Elemis Superfood pro-radiance facial

Elemis's superfood facial promises nutritional boost for tired, stressed skin, with Zinc, Vitamin E, A, Potassium and magnesium to give your skin a much needed jump start, and an amino active mask to restore lost moisture. Perfect for anyone who's skin is suffering after all those sleepless nights, or are just hoping to get their glow back. 1 Hour, 95, visit Elemis for more info and for your nearest spa.

Clarins' Beautiful Mother To Be

This luxurious and indulgent treatment for face and body is adapted to pre and post-natal stages of pregnancy and to how you're looking and feeling at the time - it's also worth nothing that it's only advised as a postnatal treatment from six weeks after birth. The treatment promises to help ease aching backs, fluid retention, stress, fatigue and tired legs, as well as improving skin tone and elasticity. Which begs the question, do you have to have a baby to qualify for this treatment?

1hr 15mins 49, visit Clarins for more info or to find your nearest spa.

Luxury Pedicure at Townhouse

Not exactly a postnatal treatment per se, but when you haven't been able to reach your own feet for the last three months, and they've spent the final six weeks of your pregnancy going up and down three different shoe sizes a day, your feet are probably ready for some TLC. Townhouse's luxury pedicure isn't the cheapest one around, but includes an extended massage and luxury hot cream treatment, and is the perfect treat for any new mum.

Cloud 12's Mother Gaia Massage And Personalised Facial

Cloud 12's Mother Gaia massage is specifically designed for during or after pregnancy, offering a back exfoliation and targeted back massage to alleviate tension in specific areas. Their personalised plant-based facial is also the perfect treatment to gift a new mum in your life, aimed at targeting the effects of hormone imbalance and dehydration. Mother Gaia, 60 mins, 135 Plant-based facial, 60 mins, 120. Visit Cloud 12 for more info on both treatments.

Chewton Glen, Hampshire

This Hampshire hotel's award-winning spa have scaled back their treatments to offer new mums a fully bespoke treatment. The only decision you need to make is whether you want a facial, massage or a body treatment, and the therapist creates a treatment tailored to you. The spa also has a bespoke massage table designed to accommodate pregnant bumps, and the treatment will include lymphatic drainage massage to help with any water retention, as well as a body mask for the tummy, hips and top of the bottom to help nourish and hydrate the skin, making it a perfect treat pre and post birth.

Treatments start from 60, visit Chewton Glen for more info.

'New Life' Massage, Rockliffe Hall, County Durham

Rockliffe Hall's spa offers a 'New Life' massage, which is perfect for women who are 12 or more weeks pregnant, and for after pregnancy. The treatment is designed to reduce muscle tension by reducing swelling and heaviness, and reduce tenderness in the lower back area.

Go With The Glow Facial, Cliveden House, Berkshire

OKSIA's bespoke facial is the perfect pampering treat for new mums, whether you're looking to rejuvenate tired skin, relax or just reboot after a busy few months. The therapists will create a unique experience, totally tailored to your needs, making this the perfect experience for any new mum.

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