Treating Psoriasis Medication Side Effects: The Diluted Bleach Bath

Since the immune suppression medications have become my lifeline, I didn’t want to stop them just yet.At the same time I felt reluctant to try the dilute bleach bath.Would it work as advertised?Would my skin dry out from the bleach? What if I put too much bleach in?In addition, my wife raised similar concerns.If necessity is the mother of invention, skin misery is the mother of trying new treatments.My apprehensions to trying something new seem to vanish the more uncomfortable I become with my psoriasis.So with a measure of fear and trepidation, I filled up the bathtub with water then added a few ounces of bleach according to the recipe my dermatologist gave me. (Note: if you have any thoughts of trying this at home I would consult with your doctor first for specific instructions.). That fear and trepidation kept me out of the tub for a few more minutes until the water became lukewarm.

When I finally did enter into the bathtub, I found the bath refreshing. I only smelled a faint scent of bleach, much less than at the pool. After the prescribed time I drained the tub. I did put on a thick layer of a cream moisturizer, as instructed by the doctor. That night through the next day the itchiness of my eczema was gone. The folliculitis seemed to recede some as well. My psoriasis didn’t improve any, but I hadn’t expected that to happen anyway.

After a couple more days I was ready for my next bath as the skin infections symptoms returned. I’ll keep trying to take these baths twice a week as instructed to see if the symptoms get better and better over time.

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