Treat Yourself to These Giftable CBD Products This Holiday Season

Lea founded the Toastyy brand as a former Uber executive launching VR dining experiences and while she already was business savvy from her corporate life and had the entrepreneurial drive, her experience as an athlete fueled her fire. “I’m a retired athlete myself and I’ve had many surgeries or injuries from playing sports from the age of six, and then obviously way more hectic and heavy in college,” she says. “The drugs that they prescribed to me when I was recovering made me feel really bad. They didn’t make me feel good. I was constantly nauseous, sick or just didn’t feel any better. I got off all my prescriptions, which was pretty much Oxys and different things like that, I started weighing really heavy on cannabis and CBD, and it made a huge impact on my recovery.” In addition to being an admitted cannabis user and smoker since 17-years-old, Lea assumed her position as a new entrepreneur in the cannabis space and began to partner with the Last Prisoner Project to donate funds.

“The cannabis industry is 6% African American, and that’s absolutely bizarre considering we are the highest number of percentages that are still in jail and previously been in jail wrongfully convicted for the things that everyone else gets to do on our day-to-day,” Lea says. “I wanted to jump on in and show younger Black women that maybe bud tenderers or wanting to launch a cannabis product to say, ‘Hey, if I can do it, you can do it too.’ It’s really important that we have that type of representation for generations to come and other women that want to branch into the space but feel intimidated or like they have no one to rely on and lean on for help and understanding.”

Below, check out these CBD-infused beauty and wellness brands including tinctures, gummies, and infused skincare. Get your shopping cart ready and stock up on these potential stocking stuffers!

Buena Botanical‘s Spa Bundle including 28 MG Bath Bar, 30 MG Bath Bomb & Face/ Body Cream (Price: $41.00 – $66.50)

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Highline Wellness’ Premium CBD Energy Gummies + Caffeine (Price: $29.00)

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Lure‘s 1000MG Non-Intoxicating Premium Hemp-Derived CBD Tinctures (Price: $95.00)

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Undefined Beauty‘s Indigo Rose CBD-Infused Glow Elixir (Price: $10.00)

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Sky Wellness‘ THC-Free CBD Lavender Body Glow Butter (Price: $42.99)

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Toastyy‘s Hand & Body 500MG CBD Lotion (Price: $55.99)

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5to9 Wellness‘ Mind Unwind Powerful Herbal Tea Concentrate (Price: $64.00)

TribeTokes’ CBD Pumpkin Peel| Enzymes & Glycolic Stimulates Cell Turnover. (Price: $15-65)

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SPERO CBD’s high-performance CBD tinctures in ‘Pure’ and ‘Peppermint’ (Price: $64.95)

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BROWN GIRL Jane‘s 1000MG Aromatic Body Oil (Price: $82.00)

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FORIA Wellness‘ CBD-infused ‘The Quickie Kit’ (Price: $44.00)

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TribeTokes‘ CBD-Infused 500 MG Gummy Bears (Price: $45.00 – $105.00)

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noyah‘s Food_Grade CBD Vanilla Lip Balm (Price: $5.00)

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JustBeauty CBD‘s Eye Divine Lightweight, Nourishing Eye Serum (Price: $48.00)

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