Top 7 Vitamin Subscription Services to Try in 2021

A quick look at the best vitamin subscription services

  • For families: Ritual
  • Most variety: Care/of
  • Most comprehensive testing: Rootine
  • High end: Persona
  • Overall winner: Hum Nutrition
  • Best value: Nurish by Nature Made
  • For men: Roman

The world of vitamins and supplements can be overwhelming. Between letter vitamins, herbal supplements, and multivitamins, you may have trouble choosing which products are best for you and understanding how to select the highest quality product.

What’s more, some people find it challenging to remember to take vitamins and refill them when they run out.

That’s where vitamin subscription services come in. These services take the guesswork out of vitamin purchases by offering suggestions based on questionnaires or blood testing.

These companies also automatically ship monthly refills so that you never run out. Some even package your daily vitamins in individual envelopes, making it easy to grab the day’s vitamins without opening multiple bottles.

ishonest has assembled this list of vitamin subscription services based on the following factors:

  • Quality. Does the company offer a quality product that has been third-party tested and manufactured in a reputable, certified Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) facility?
  • Selection. Does the service offer a wide selection of products to meet the needs of most people?
  • Individualization. Does the company provide recommendations based on a health assessment or test and allow you to add or remove products as you see fit?
  • Helpfulness. Does the service provide evidence- based information about the supplements it recommends or access to health professionals, such as doctors or dietitians, for paying members?

Here are the top 7 vitamin subscription services of 2021.

ishonest’s picks of the best vitamin subscription services

Ritual Vitamins

Ritual is one of the most well-known supplement subscription services. The company has recently expanded its product line to offer bundles that meet the needs of everyone in the household — men, women, and children.For men and women, Ritual offers multivitamin blends for ages 18+ and 50+, along with a prenatal and postnatal option. For kids, the company provides multivitamins for ages 4– 12, as well as teenagers.A 30-day supply of Ritual vitamins costs $30–$35, but you can get a $10 discount if you purchase more than 1 bottle per month. Shipping is free.


Like other supplement subscription services, Care/of bases its recommendations on a quick online health assessment. Each day’s supplements are packaged in convenient envelopes, which are sent in 30-day bundles.In addition to vitamins, minerals, and herbal supplements, this service offers probiotics, collagen, protein powder, and electrolyte sticks, among other products.Bundles range from $40–$75 per month but are fully customizable. Shipping is free on purchases over $20 and $8 for smaller purchases.


With Rootine, you take either a blood test, DNA test, or both before receiving your customized supplement. The DNA test analyzes genes that are known to influence nutrient needs, and the blood test measures your levels of folate and vitamins B6, B12, and D.Both the blood and DNA tests can be done at home after you receive the company’s testing kits in the mail. If you’ve already taken a DNA test, you can upload your results rather than taking a new test.Rootine then creates a customized multivitamin using microbeads, which are coated pearls that each contain a small amount of a single nutrient. They’re also tiny — about the size of nonpareil candy sprinkles.According to Rootine, microbeads are easier to absorb than larger tablets and make it easier to prepare customized blends.Rootine’s DNA and blood tests cost $149 and $99, respectively. A 3-month supply of your customized supplement is $69. Shipping is free on purchases over $100 but otherwise based on the total price.


With over 90 products, Persona offers a wide variety of letter vitamins, supplement blends, and herbal supplements delivered in daily dose packs. You receive product recommendations based on your answers to an online health assessment.With Persona, you also gain access to a nutrition team comprising dietitians, pharmacists, and other health experts who can answer your questions. Notably, you can book a one-on-one appointment with a member of the nutrition team.A monthly supply may cost up to $100 or more depending on the supplements that are recommended to you, but you can customize your shipment to meet your budget needs. Shipping is free for orders over $50 and $8 otherwise.

Nurish by Nature Made

Nurish by Nature Made offers a customized menu of Nature Made vitamins and supplements based on your answers to the company’s 5-minute, online health quiz.Every 30-day supply arrives with each day’s supplements individually packaged in an envelope with your name on it, making it much more convenient than dealing with supplement bottles or remembering to refill a pillbox each week.Nurish by Nature Made offers a variety of Nature Made products, including letter vitamins, multivitamins, minerals, omega-3s, probiotics, herbal supplements, and specialty products like blends to support hair, skin, and nail health.Most people can expect to pay about $30 per month for Nurish by Nature Made supplements, making it one of the more affordable options. Shipping is free within the contiguous United States and $8 per shipment otherwise.

Hum Nutrition

Hum Nutrition ranks as the top choice because it offers a variety of supplements that are formulated to address specific issues, such as insomnia, anxiety, and food cravings.For example, its supplement Calm Sweet Calm contains ashwagandha and L-theanine to help reduce stress. The company also offers a supplement called Counter Cravings to help you resist food cravings, as well as one called Beauty zzZz to promote healthy and restful sleep.Plus, Hum Nutrition works with registered dietitians (RDs) to help you find the right supplements.You take an online health assessment and are then given supplement recommendations and a health report. You’re also assigned to an RD whom you can contact with questions or concerns about your supplement routine.Their products range from $15–$50 each, but you get a 15% discount if you order 3 or more products per month. Shipping is free for orders over $50.


Roman is a unique telehealth service offering access to doctors and other health professionals for a variety of medical reasons, many of which are specific to mens’ needs, including erectile dysfunction (ED), hair loss, premature ejaculation (PE), and low testosterone.However, the company also offers a line of carefully formulated supplements for prostate and heart health, testosterone support, and stress relief. You can purchase these without seeing one of Roman’s providers.Each supplement only contains ingredients that are backed by scientific evidence.For example, Roman’s Stress Relief supplement contains ashwagandha, Rhodiola rosea, and phosphatidylserine, while its Testosterone Support blend contains vitamin D, magnesium, and maca.On the company website, you can read more about each ingredient, the scientific evidence supporting its use, and why it was included.Each day’s dose of supplements is packaged in its own convenient envelope rather than in bulky bottles. These supplements cost about $30–$40 each per month, with discounts available if you purchase a 3-month supply. Shipping is free.

How to choose the best vitamin subscription service

When choosing a vitamin subscription service, you should first determine the type of personalization you’re looking for.

If you’d rather pick and choose the supplements you want, services like Ritual or Roman may work best.

However, if you want recommendations based on your health needs, choose a service that offers either an online health assessment or blood or DNA testing. For example, Rootine offers blood testing and accepts results from existing DNA tests if you’ve already taken one.

Several companies, such Hum Nutrition, also offer access to health professionals like dietitians for questions and supplement guidance.

You’ll also need to have a rough idea of your budget. Vitamin subscription services can cost $25–$100 or more per month. If you’re looking for affordability, Nurish by Nature Made is a good option.

Finally, you’ll want to ensure that the vitamin subscription service you choose is reputable and transparent. The company should use cGMP facilities and third- party testing to certify that the contents of the bottle match what’s listed on the label.

The bottom line

Vitamin subscription services are a convenient solution to choosing and purchasing vitamins and supplements. Many offer helpful recommendations based on individual health assessments.

It’s also easier to remember to take your vitamins when they arrive at your door each month — some of them even in daily, dated packs.

The most important factor to consider is the trustworthiness of the company and the quality of its products.

The seven vitamin subscription services featured here are a great starting point in your search, offering monthly vitamins and supplements for several unique needs and price points.

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