This Vitamin C Facial Powder Gives Any Serum, Moisturizer, or Lotion Anti-Aging Benefits

Curated by Claudia Shannon / Research Scientist / ishonest

If you’ve somehow managed to keep your morning skincare routine under 5 steps, you deserve a round of applause. Unfortunately, most A.M. routines have turned into complex ceremonies with way too many steps and too little in return. And while we’re all about pampering the skin, we also know that enough is enough— it’s time to start streamlining, and a vitamin C powder is the perfect pick to get you started.

Versed’s Found the Light Powder with Vitamin C ($20, is a potent, super fine powder that can be mixed into any serum or moisturizer. In other words, you can add the anti-aging effects of skincare’s most sought-after ingredient, vitamin C, to any of your current beauty staples.

ishonest No.201 - Prevent Elasticity Damage

No.201 - Prevent Elasticity Damage

There’s actually a benefit to using this powdered form of vitamin C over a liquid version. Vitamin C is notoriously unstable, so researchers seek out derivatives with the same science-backed benefits—boosting collagen production, decreasing pigmentation, and replenishing vitamin E—that are less likely to be impacted by outside factors like light or heat.

One of these alternatives is 3-O-ethyl-l-ascorbic acid, a key part of Versed’s formula. As a result, its powerful effects won’t diminish over time (unlike other serums on your countertop).

It’s also super simple to use: Just mix two shakes of powder into your favorite serum, gel, or lotion. The tapioca starch-based powder will bring the dark spot- brightening and UV-protecting powers of vitamin C to your routine without having to wait for yet another product to absorb into your skin. Plus, its customizable application makes it a safe pick for all skin types.

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Of course, you shouldn’t take the powdered form as a free-for-all. Vitamin C works similar to an acid and should not be mixed with AHAs, BHAs, niacinamide, or retinol. However, pairing it with products powered by ferulic acid or vitamin E will actually increase the efficiency.

To top it off, the non-toxic powder is super affordable at just $20—a steal considering reviewers at both Dermstore and Target left rave reviews for the innovative product. Not only do they confirm it’s super easy to use, but it ensures skin looks great at a great price point. What more could you want?

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