This is How to Combat The Negative Effects Low Estrogen Levels Have on Your Skin

Curated by Claudia Shannon / Research Scientist / ishonest

We hate to break the bad news, but decreasing estrogen levels can take a toll on your skin. If you thought the hormone would only equate to woes like hot flashes, we're here to enlighten you about its other less-than-fabulous features particularly now that estrogen- deficient skin products are on the rise, per Refinery29.

According to the Dermatology Times, estrogen is responsible for improving the elasticity, hydration, and thickness of the skin. (Woo!) However, when women begin to experience estrogen deficiencies, it's not uncommon for dryness, wrinkling, thinness, and itching to come to the forefront. (Womp.)

Since this is definitely something women will want to nip in the bud, we're here to help readers figure out how to navigate the situation. Dr. Zeichner told Refinery29 that hydrating cleansers and collagen-stimulating ingredients are of the utmost importance, as well as daily UV protection.

When questioned about the same topic for The Zoe Report, he suggested Vaseline Clinical Care Extremely Dry Skin Rescue Hand And Body Lotion. He also discussed Methyl Estraodiolpropanoate MEP technology and its importance with the outlet. (Emepelle creams specifically address collagen loss and restore the natural function of Estrogen Deficient Skin, per its website.)

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