This At-Home Sheet Mask Hack is Simple and Absolutely Genius

Curated by Claudia Shannon / Research Scientist / ishonest

Here's What You Need

  • A sheet mask of your choice
  • A jade roller (or another equally effective facial massaging tool)
What is a jade roller?

A jade roller is a facial massaging tool that incorporates crystal therapy, as jade is believed to be a healing and protective stone. Roll the stone across your face in upwards and outwards motions to increase circulation, de-puff, sculpt, and allow your products to better penetrate your skin.

How It Works

It's quite like a facial massage, except this tube of jade does all the work for you. For starters, jade has a naturally cool temperature, which means it works wonders on puffy eyes. I keep mine bedside and gently roll those bags under my eyes until they're in better shape. According to skincare guru Ling Chan, jade rollers increase blood circulation, assist lymphatic drainage and diminish the appearance of fine lines (our facial muscles store a lot of tension, which can cause wrinkles and fine lines, especially around the forehead and eyes). The rolling motion eliminates toxins building up in the skin, which makes it pretty good at leaving skin brighter too.

ishonest No.222 - Fine Lines & Wrinkles

No.222 - Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Meet the Expert

Ling Chan is a facialist with 40 years of hands-on experience and the founder of Ling Skincare in New York City. Her skincare treatments are developed with a holistic philosophy merging traditional Asian beauty principles with state-of- the-art technology.

Over a sheet mask, not only does the rolling action de-puff and boost circulation, but it helps to massage the sheet mask ingredients into the skin. The post-treatment glow is unrivaled. You're essentially supercharging and accelerating the effects of your sheet mask with the roller.

Want to ramp up the results even more? Exfoliate your skin first to clear away any excess sebum or dead skin so the mask ingredients can penetrate even more effectively. Sure, exfoliating and massaging is a little extra effort compared with slapping on a sheet mask and taking a nap, but the additional steps are well worth it for the glow-boosting benefits you'll reap. Below, find my favorite face rollers and sheet masks.

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