This $8 Body Cream is The Secret to Carissa Walfords Year-Round Glow

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If, like us, you're STILL obsessed with brows, you're in for a serious treat. This month, Tomboy Beauty has teamed up with Australian TV host and style star Carissa Walford and Benefit to create a visual how-to depicting three different brow styling techniques. The editorial is stunning but, importantly, also instructional. Wanna know how to nail the oft-attempted, rarely conquered boy brow look? According to Benefit Australia’s National Brow Artist, Hannah Terrett, brushing your arches upwards is key, as it "shows you exactly where the gaps are and guides you [to] where you need to use pencil or product."

In celebration, Walford, (who has some of the most amazing natural arches we've ever seen in real life BTW), exclusively shared 5 of her best beauty tips with us. A bonafide beauty buff (she describes herself as a "foundation obsessive"), she's recommendations on just about everything. From the three-product cocktail she uses to groom her brows, to the $8 body cream she promises will bring out your tan ("I swear it brings out the natural pigment in your body"), to her secret to naturally chic nails, she knows what's up.


"The Nivea really thick one ($8) is my favourite. Everyone puts it on me on set, and it makes you look all amazing and creamy. AND it brings out your tan. I swear it brings out the natural pigment in your body. I put it on and it’s like I've had a spray tan."


"I don’t like having white bits at the edge of my nails, I like them really, really short, and the manicurist always freaks out. I was getting Shellac for many years, but about a week ago I got rid of it and from now on I am au naturel. I always get a pedicure in a nude or cream colour on my toes."


"I am obsessed with foundation—I think I have been through every brand possible! Currently I use YSL's Le Teint Touche Eclat foundation ($54) and concealer pen ($35). The Tom Ford foundation stick ($87) is amazing too, and the brush designed to apply it with is a godsend. It’s next level, because my idea of foundation sticks is that they're dry and cakey, but this one is the opposite, it’s dewy and light and gives just enough coverage. It just looks like I have airbrushed skin. Blot powders are my thing too; the Laura Mercier one ($38) is the best."


"I use Shu Uemura shampoo and Kérastase's leave-in conditioner ($48)—the orange and white one. I only wash my hair once a week, because it's really dry. That's good and bad, because I can go a long time without washing it and it doesn’t get oily. I actually love it when I go to the beach because I won’t need to wash my hair for an extra couple of days, as the salt makes it dryer and gives a natural wave. Everyone asks if I use dry shampoo, but I don’t because it thickens my hair, and I don’t need that. I do use Oribe's texturising spray to help separate the thickness of my hair."


"I don’t think people realise I use three products on my brows. First I do Benefit's tinted volumising brow gel ($39). Because they're SO dark, I use a colour three shades lighter than my actual brows to fill them in and ever so slightly elongate the ends. Then I use Precisely, My Brow Pencil ($42), to feather in the gaps. To finish off it's a clear setting gel ($24). I have heavy brows that droop in the middle so to get them to stay up I brush the front half of my brows upwards. At the arch, I use a brush to angle the hairs downwards so the line is straight, then back up again towards the ends."

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