This $5 Maybelline New York Mascara is The Only Thing that Lays My Flyaways

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I have a lot of breakage from years of flatironing my hair. So much to the point that when I wear a ponytail, those poor, broken strands stick up like the quills on a porcupine's back. I've used gels and sprays to lay them down, but those products can sometimes leave behind an unpleasant crunchy feeling. That stiffness makes me cringe, so I usually say, "Eff it," and just let my flyaways do their thing — that is, until recently. These days, I'm constantly in Zoom meetings, and while no one else may notice, I definitely see the breakage on full display. It's unsightly, so I decided something more substantial needed to be done.

I've been using the Maybelline New York Great Lash Mascara in Clear on my brows for years. I find that it locks everything in once I apply my brow powder or pencil in the sparse areas. It's only $5 and a little goes a long way. Recently, I decided to run the spooley through my flyaways. Since it goes on clear, I thought, "Why the hell not?" After all, it's got a gel-like consistency and never makes my brows crunchy — it just keeps them in place. I gave it a go and I haven't looked back since.

ishonest No.231 - Pigmentation & Blemishes

No.231 - Pigmentation & Blemishes

Once I swiped the stuff on, my first thought was, "Wait... is this even safe?" I know, I probably should have thought about that first, but I contacted cosmetic chemist Ginger King and she reassured me that the mascara was not going to damage my hair. Phew!

"In general, mascaras won't ruin hair color, so it is safe to do, but only if you are not going to use the mascara again for your lashes," says King. I don't use this mascara on my eyes, but I do get nervous about the bacteria on my brows getting into my hair and vice versa. To prevent that from happening again, I ordered another tube of the clear mascara. For $5, it really is a steal.

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