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Get silkier hair than you ever thought possible with the L'Oreal 8 Second Wonder Water. Unlike most hair masks, which are rich and thick and tend to weigh down fine hair, this is a completely weightless, water-like treatment, so it doesn't leave behind any heavy residue. After leaving it in for about 10 seconds and washing it out, it'll make your hair look and feel unbelievably shiny and soft.

As the name says, this Velvet Skin Coat from Japanese beauty brand DHC leaves a powdery veil over your skin to make it look smooth, soft, and like velvet. Worn alone, it gives your skin a filtered, soft-focus finish with zero excess shine; worn as a primer, it'll give your foundation a smooth, grippable canvas for it to cling to all day long. Elevate your skin-care routine with this jade roller and gua sha, both of which can be used to aid lymphatic drainage, relax your muscles, and improve blood flow, among other things. Use them with your favorite face oil, and store them in the fridge for an extra cooling sensation.

  • Available styles: 3

Cheat an extra hour or two of sleep with this TULA eye balm. Aloe and antioxidant-rich fruit extracts help hydrate and perk up dull skin, while finely milled shimmer pigments leave behind a subtle glow. After you've dabbed it under your eyes, glide it along your nose, cheekbones, and Cupid's bow like you would with a creamy highlighter.

Your scalp is an oft-overlooked body part while you're spritzing on sunscreen, but it's equally in need of sun protection to prevent color fading and skin damage. This COOLA hair and scalp mist makes the prospect of putting sunscreen in your hair a lot more palatable, thanks to its lightweight, non-greasy feel and delicious, salty-herbal scent.

These makeup-removing cloths are nothing short of brilliant. When wet, they're hearty enough to remove a full face of makeup stubborn foundation and long- lasting mascara included without the help of a cleanser, though they're soft enough to coddle even sensitive skin. Of course, these machine-washable cloths are a more environmentally friendly alternative to disposable makeup wipes, as well.

Bring the spa to your home with these clever shower steamers. They're formulated with lavender and chamomile essential oils, which are both known for their calming properties, making them ideal for nighttime use. You simply place one in the back of your shower, where the tablet will dissolve and mix with the steam; after just a few seconds, you'll be surrounded by an aromatherapeutic scent that'll help soothe both your body and mind.

Infused with a potent blend of glycolic and lactic acids, these textured peel pads work to unglue dead skin cells, promote cellular turnover, and slough away dull, dry skin with each use. The serum is also spiked with wine extract and the powerhouse antioxidant resveratrol for more brightening and skin- protecting effects. Blended with three types of clay as well as refining AHAs and PHAs, the Dual Detox Mask from Follain works to unclog congested pores and control excess sebum production. Unlike most other clay masks, however, it has a lovely, creamy texture that feels soothing, not drying and it won't leave a mess in your sink like its powdery counterparts. Formulated with three types of hyaluronic acid, this gel cream from J- beauty brand Hada Labo will plump up your skin so it looks and feels smooth, moisturized, and soft. Because it's a gel cream (which means it's water- based), it doesn't feel overly rich or oily; instead, it absorbs into your skin instantly without leaving behind a greasy residue. These hydrogel eye patches from K-beauty brand MIZON are made with so many unique, high-performing ingredients like snail mucin, 24-karat gold, and peptides that work together to smooth, moisturize, and plump your skin. Keep them in the fridge and put them under your eyes on mornings when your skin is feeling particularly tired; or, use them while you're doing your makeup to catch eyeshadow fallout. Made with botanical ingredients sourced in Hawaii, where the company is based, this nourishing lip mask comes in both tinted and non-tinted versions, so you can buy one for daily wear and another for overnight use. For your smoothest lips ever, use the brand's best-selling sugar scrub first, then slather this on generously.

This waffle-weave hair towel is made from Aquis' own Aquitex fabric, which claims to dry hair 50% faster than traditional terry. The microfiber construction is also gentle on hair, resulting in fewer tangles and less breakage, and it feels nice and light on your head (meaning, no unnecessary neck strain). They also wont slip off as you pad around the house, as another added bonus.

  • Available colors: 3

Not only does L'Occitane's almond shower oil leave your skin feeling impossibly soft, but it also smells like freshly baked almond pastries. It starts off as a pure oil, then transforms into a creamy milk when mixed with water. Also handy to use for shaving.

If Mario Badescu is the old guard of blemish treatments, Mighty Patch is very much the new. Formulated with panthenol, peptides, and allantoin, this Rescue Balm works to relieve redness and prevent scarring after breakouts. Dab this onto your flattened or just-popped spots; or, better yet, after peeling off the brand's game-changing acne patches.

Lady Gaga's beauty brand HAUS LABORATORIES is genuinely great, and this lip crayon is an excellent foray into the line. It boasts an ultra-pigmented color payoff and good longevity, along the lines of a matte lipstick, but its creamy consistency won't dry out your lips. The pointed tip allows for detailed application, like a liner, and the retractable packaging makes it easy to stash in your bag. Choose from 22 shades, from bright coral to the cool-toned mauve pictured above.

  • Available shades: 22

Made with ingredients that sound good enough to eat, this best-selling cuticle oil will revitalize dry, cracking nails and the surrounding skin. A little goes a long way, so this one bottle will likely last you months. If you don't love the sound of milk and honey, it also comes in three other scents, including pomegranate and fig, white limetta and aloe vera, and vanilla bean and sugar.

Who doesn't love a multi-tasking product? These resurfacing pads from RoC remove makeup and polish your complexion in one fell swoop, thanks to their dual sides (textured on one, smooth on the other) and self-foaming ability. Thousands of happy Amazon reviewers report seeing a visible improvement in their skin's evenness and clarity with regular use.

Retire your standard dandruff shampoo for this chicly packaged scalp treatment from amika. This pre-wash treatment harnesses pink clay and charcoal to absorb oil and impurities, while menthol delivers a refreshing, zingy sensation. Not only will this oil-to-foam help alleviate itching, but the balancing formula encourages stronger, healthier hair growth over time. It boasts amika's cult- favorite scent, as well, an intoxicating blend of amber, vanilla, and musk.

From the vintage packaging to the bright pink hue and herbal flavor, everything about the fluoride-free Euthymol Toothpaste is pure joy and fodder for its prevailing status as a cult-favorite, both in its native UK and beyond. An easy way to make your bathroom feel five times fancier. This whitening pen is a less fussy and more affordable alternative to whitening strips, and it's less irritating on sensitive teeth and gums. And according to its 20,000+ five- star ratings, this portable tool works, especially for temporarily lightening unwanted stains and discoloration. Beloved by countless celebrities and models (including Kaia Gerber), this liquid exfoliant from Paula's Choice contains 2% salicylic acid to unclog pores, refine uneven skin texture, and lift away blackheads. Green tea in the formula works to temper redness and irritation, so this is a lovely choice for people with reactive or sensitive skin, as well (just don't overdo it a couple of times a week should be plenty).

Can't make it to the salon? Then let these color-depositing hair masks sustain you until your next appointment. Think of them as hair dye and conditioner in one: They nourish your hair and infuse it with moisture while depositing a temporary color in your choice of nine shades, which will wash out gradually over time. Choose from natural-looking colors like brown and champagne-blonde, or experiment with one of the fun, bolder shades, like bright blue or pastel purple.

This six pack from Weleda allows you to try out all the brand's most popular body oils, so when you're finished with the trial set, you can buy the full size of the one you loved most. Each one has a different scent and benefit relaxing lavender is ideal for pre-bedtime use, while arnica can help relieve sore, achey muscles.

There's something retro-chic about this palm-leaf printed shower cap, which comes complete with a slightly oversized front bow, especially if worn while lounging in a silk robe when you step out of the shower. A flexible elastic opening is designed to comfortably fit most head sizes and shapes, without tugging or pulling at your scalp. If you don't love palm leaves, it also comes in polka dots and blue floral.

Molton Brown holds a royal warrant as a Supplier of Toiletries to The Queen, so the British heritage brand is essentially the final word in luxury bath gels (at least those of the Anglo persuasion). Perfumed with Australian sea fennel and woody cypress, this one will transport you to an airy villa on the Mediterranean coast, though it comes in a lot of other scents as well, like Black Pepper, Jasmine & Sun Rose, and Eucalyptus. The luxurious bottle will look so beautiful sitting in your shower.

Sure, you can apply your face masks, peels, and body butters with your fingers; but why would you when you can use these soothing silicone brushes instead? They clean easily with just water and help keep your products more hygienic, too.

Take your nighttime routine to the next level with this foaming bath from Dr Teal's. It's made with Epsom salt, which is known for its ability to help soothe sore muscles, as well as lavender essential oil to calm your body and mind. For just $5, you get a massive, 34-ounce bottle, so you won't have to restock anytime soon.

Of all the incredible Korean sunscreens in the world, this one from Etude House consistently stands out as a favorite for its weightless consistency and velvety finish, which leaves your skin feeling silky-soft and matte to the touch. It's ideal for oily skin, though people with sensitive skin have reported luck with it, as well.

This leave-in conditioner is like a miracle for hair that gets dry or tangled easily. The milky formula can be spritzed on liberally after showering to untangle knots, soften split ends, and generally infuse your hair with some luxurious, non-greasy moisture. Bonus points for its tropical, coconut-y scent.

You may have had a bottle of Mario Badescu Drying Lotion in your repertoire in high school, but this classic acne treatment is worth revisiting. The now-iconic formula contains a blend of camphor, zinc, salicylic acid, and titanium dioxide to effectively absorb impurities and flatten pimples overnight. Remember not to shake the bottle and disturb that bottom layer of soothing calamine.

This $16 Naturium serum contains comparable concentrations of actives to serums that cost hundreds of dollars. In here, 12% niacinamide works to refine your skin's texture and fade unwanted dark spots or scarring (its effects are similar to a retinoid, without the irritation), and 2% zinc helps balance excess oil production. At the same time, hyaluronic acid offers a much-needed dose of hydration. As a thoughtful touch, it's housed in an opaque, airtight bottle to prevent the product from oxygenating.

Replacing your standard cotton balls with these cotton squares from Cl de Peau Beaut is a small, impactful way to elevate your skin care routine to truly luxurious proportions. They're made of silk and cotton for an incredibly soft feel, and they don't leave behind any fuzz or fluff. You'll get 120 sheets in this $25 box, so it's a great deal, considering the quality.

One of the most beloved Korean cleansers of all time, Banila Co Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm starts out as a sherbet-like balm, but emulsifies into a silky oil when mixed with a bit of water. It'll effectively melt through an entire face of makeup, but the hypoallergenic formula is still gentle on skin. Scoop it out with the included spatula for a perfectly sized proportion, and to keep the product hygienic.

Vanicream Moisturizing Cream is arguably the best moisturizer for sensitive skin, period. The fragrance-free formula is approved by the National Eczema Association, and it's formulated without all the ingredients that are known to trigger flareups so it's both gentle and effective enough to treat conditions like psoriasis and eczema (though of course, it works for run-of-the-mill dryness and flakiness, too). This 1-pound, pump-top bottle will last you for months on end. $12 very well spent.

Celebrity hairstylist Vernon Franois makes a suite of luxury hair care products for curly and coily hair, though this Nourishing Hair Mist is among the most popular. A pure water base is infused with amino acids and castor oil to strengthen and hydrate, while a detangling agent helps it melt through knots. Use this lightweight mist as a pre-styling treatment, or to revive next-day curls.

This cleanser from Knours. starts as an oil blend (including jojoba, apricot, and cannabis seed) that dissolves makeup, sunscreen, and other surface-level grime, then whips up into an ultra-fine foam when you massage your face with water in other words, it encompasses both steps of your double-cleansing routine in one. It's a brilliant way to streamline your skin care routine when you travel, or for late nights when you simply can't be bothered with anything more than a simple cleanse. Ostensibly formulated with those who hate the feel of traditional sunscreen in mind, this MyChelle Sun Shield takes the form of moisturizing drops with a serum-like consistency that blends imperceptibly into your skin. This harnesses zinc oxide for sun protection and bentonite clay to soak up excess oil, so it's an especially great choice for sensitive, oily skin types.

Eyeshadow sticks are the lowest-effort way to get some color on your lids and if you plan on sweating, swimming, or encountering inclement conditions throughout your day, pick up this waterproof shadow stick in particular. The creme-to-powder formulation applies like butter (you can use the sponge on the other end to blend it out), and leaves behind a concentrated swath of color with either a matte or shimmery finish. Depending on the shade you choose, these can double as highlighters.

  • Available shades: 16

This mascara from Honest Beauty (courtesy of Jessica Alba another great celebrity beauty line) is the rare natural mascara that truly delivers on length, volume, and longevity though the mascara primer tucked inside the other end helps on all those fronts, too. It's made without common additives like silicones and mineral oil, while jojoba and castor oil work to nourish lashes as they're lifted and tinted.

This leave-in conditioner from Mielle Organics is formulated for Type 4 curls, but people with all kinds of curls and waves can benefit from this deeply nourishing treatment. It's made with botanicals like babassu oil, buriti oil, and fruit extracts that leave your hair (and your hands!) feeling soft and moisturized, and help lift and define your curls. The pomegranate and honey scent is divine, too.

When in doubt and at a drugstore, pick up something from La Roche-Posay (if not CeraVe). The French pharmacy brand excels in products for sensitive skin in particular, like their classic Hydrating Gentle Cleanser. This creamy, fragrance-free formula is packed with ceramides and panthenol that leave dry skin moisturized, not stripped and dry, while niacinamide adds a brightening and soothing kick.

Coty Airspun Face Powder has been on the shelves since 1935; but it's beloved even in our post-war world for its ample coverage, velvet finish, and surprisingly breathable, lightweight feel. It packs enough punch to wear as a powder foundation, if you'd like, otherwise, it sets your makeup and curbs shine beautifully without creasing or caking.

  • Available shades: 5

This gel-cream blush imparts a dewy, radiant flush that makes your complexion look naturally glowy think Rembrandt cherub, not clown and though it's quite pigmented upon first application, you can easily build up the intensity with another dab or two. Blend it over your nose bridge to look a bit sun-kissed (without actually letting the sun kiss your skin).

  • Available shades: 6

Pro tip: Keep a mini bottle of Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray in your bag at all times. It'll help refresh your hair, give it some volume and texture, and make you smell amazing thanks to the brand's iconic Cote D'Azur scent. The small bottle will last you a lot longer than you'd expect, though you can pick up the full-sized bottle as well.

Although Brow Wiz gets the most airtime, Anastasia's Dipbrow Gel is an even easier way to tint, set, and tame your brows just brush the waxy pigment through your brows and move on with your day. Choose from eight shades, including several options for brunettes, blondes, and even redheads.

  • Available shades: 8

Skin-quenching, plumping hyaluronic acid is the hero ingredient in this dermatologist-recommended serum, but it gets a boost from the brand's mineral- rich Vichy Volcanic Water. This is hydrating enough to wear on its own as a moisturizer, if your skin is on the oily side. Otherwise, this featherlight serum layers nicely under a richer face oil or cream without pilling.

If you swear by double cleansing your skin or are just getting into it KOSE SOFTYMO Speedy Cleansing Oil makes the perfect first step. This Japanese oil cleanser will break down all the makeup, grime, and oil-based skin care products coating your face, and can then be followed up by a water-based cleanser to sweep away any remaining debris. You could use this cleanser on its own though, as it surprisingly doesn't leave your face feeling greasy.

Pick up this punnet of superfood masks to quench and revive dull, tired skin. The five juicy sheet masks in here (cactus, green tea, honey, peach, and coconut) represent the greatest hits of the K-beauty brand's most popular offerings. Store them next to your jade roller in the fridge for a summertime treat.

This Belei Retinol Refining Moisturizer is formulated with slow-release technology that steadily delivers vitamin A to your skin, resulting in less redness and fast results. Squalane, hyaluronic acid, and a botanical complex also help counteract any potential irritation. Hard to believe this powerhouse moisturizer (which hails from Amazon's in-house skin care line one of the beauty industry's best-kept secrets) costs just $31.

Packed with nourishing botanicals like shea butter, coconut oil, and flower extracts, the ingredients list for this PiperWai deodorant reads more like a moisturizer than it does a deodorant though the addition of activated charcoal helps absorb excess sweat, while an essential oil blend keeps you smelling fresh and clean.

This chunk of onyx soap is arguably the most sophisticated-looking bar soap on the market. It's also your ticket to clearer, softer skin, thanks to activated charcoal, shea butter, marshmallow root, and niacinamide a dreamy combination for unclogging pores and balancing excess oil production. Use this smooth soap all over your body, as well as your face it's non-drying, unlike many other bar soaps.

A cult-classic from the moment it launched, sara happ's lip scrub will make your lips so smooth and soft, thanks to its blend of exfoliating sugar granules and moisturizing oils. A few extra bonuses? It's pink, smells like grapefruit, and comes in a luxurious-looking tub. If you don't love the smell of grapefruit, it also comes in peach, brown sugar, and vanilla versions.

A deliciously cooling blend of aloe and tea tree oil in this gel act as a salve for angry sunburns, while vitamin E and glycerin smooth away dryness and flakes. This non-greasy, non-sticky emollient also works well as a summertime body lotion, especially when kept in the refrigerator. (Try slathering it on after a sweaty outdoor workout.)

From the makers of Japan's number-one best-selling exfoliator comes this face and body cream, which will leave your skin smoother and softer than you ever thought possible. It has a unique, gel-like consistency, which releases rain- like droplets of activated hydrogen water into your skin when you apply it a sensation that feels equal parts refreshing and satisfying. Pro tip: This oil- free cream makes an excellent makeup primer as well.

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