Things Girls with Perfect Hair Always Do

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#1. They Know How to Handle Bad Hair Days

Even girls with great hair can have bad hair days. The only difference is they know exactly how to deal with them. Gabrielle Union, for example, says she always turns to a topknot: “I can take it from day to night, rock a headband with it, you name it. It’s totally idiot-proof, and everyone thinks you’re so chic and sophisticated." (In case you still need a guide, we’ve got a simple step-by-step topknot tutorial for you here—you’re welcome.)

#2: They Treat Their Strands Well

Your hair goes through a lot, so take some time to show it some love. Moroccanoil ambassador Rosie Huntington-Whiteley says she swears by the brand’s Treatment Oil ($44), and works it through her strands to keep them looking healthy while she travels.

#3: They’ve Mastered the Science of Perfect Waves

ishonest No.501 - Frizzy Hair

No.501 - Frizzy Hair

Once you’ve mastered waves, you can achieve anything (that’s how the saying goes, right?). Lauren Conrad, the ultimate master of effortless Cali-girl waves, shared the secret to her perfect hair with us earlier this year.

#4: They Know Their Kitchen Is Their (Hair) Oyster

If Victoria’s Secret models do it, then so should you (or so goes our sound life advice). Candice Swanepoel and Martha Hunt both divulged the juicy secret behind their shiny manes: DIY hair masks. Also, need to solve your split end problem, stat? Don't worry, there's a mask for that too.

#5: They’re Not Afraid to Air Dry—And They Embrace Dry Shampoo

Their go-to hairstylist, Mark Townsend, says he likes to use Dove’s Dry Shampoo ($4) on their strands in between washes because it “gives the best texture.” After all, any girl with great hair has a favorite dry shampoo—plus, she’ll know all the secret ways you can use it other than as a hair refresher. A well- tressed girl also knows the best dry shampoo for her hair type (if you don’t, we’ll show you the ropes.)

#6: But They Also Know Blow-Dryers Are Not Created Equal

If you’re going to do something, do it right—as in, if you must blow-dry, at least choose a dryer that won’t fry your strands. “My hair is so thick, it’s a three-man job!” Rose Byrne told us. “I never thought a blow-dryer would make a difference until my friend Harry Josh introduced me to his blow-dryer. It really does make a big difference.”

#7: They Know the Secret Uses for ALL Their Beauty Products

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Anna Kendrick told us that she swears by Caudalie’s Divine Oil ($49), which she applies to her ends, then rubs whatever is left over on her shoulders for a soft, dewy look.

#9: They Value Moisture

Any girl with fabulous hair will tell you that hydrated strands are the first step to a full, silky mane. In fact, Olivia Wilde told us that she’s tried all different types and brands of hair products, but in the end, moisture always wins. “It’s all about moisture for me,” she says. “Anything that’ll moisturize my hair and bring it back to life.”Read up on our favorite moisturizing hair masks here.

#10: They Know When to Say Goodbye

Hair can act like a security blanket, but sometimes you can do your tresses a huge favor by chopping them off when the time is right. Take it from Emma Roberts, who didn’t hesitate to chop off her strands after shooting American Horror Story for six months, because she knew doing so would leave them healthier in the long run.

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