These Hyaluronic PJs are Supposed to Act Like a "Sheet Mask for Your Body" Here's what Derms Think

Redefining "beauty sleep."

There are lots of things we love about beauty, but overnight products rank high on the list. A product that works while you snooze? Sign us up—we'll gladly layer on a hydrating, calming, or deep cleansing mask. If you've ever wondered how you can double up even more on skincare while you dream, we've got details on the latest in beauty sleep innovation: PH5's new hyaluronic acid-infused sleepwear. The HydraKNIT PJ5 promises to keep skin moisturized while you rest— and not just on your face.

The sustainably sourced, zero-waste PJs claim to have the power of up to 3,500 face masks and work for eight hours of wear. Plus, the breathable pajamas promise to keep you moisturized for up to 40 washes.

For more on how it works, what a derm thinks, and our review, read on.

Meet the Expert

Raechele Cochran Gathers, MD of MDhairmixtress and Co-Founder of Bloomballa Beauty, is a board-certified dermatologist.

How It Works

First, let's get into hyaluronic acid itself. The powerhouse ingredient—you can typically find it in your moisturizers and serums—"acts like a humectant, drawing, and holding in moisture, and keeping the skin continuously hydrated," explains board-certified dermatologist Raechele Cochran Gathers. "Because of its amazing ability to bind water, it is key for keeping the skin supple and moist," she adds.

Since the ingredient helps replenish and hold moisture, it can also improve a dull complexion. "Dehydrated skin is more likely to show wrinkles and signs of aging. Hyaluronic acid helps retain moisture, plump the skin, and reduce the signs of fine lines," Gathers notes.

And PH5's hydraKNIT harnesses the power of that same hydrating ingredient. "Developed using new advanced technology, the hyaluronic acid microcapsules are infused into the pores of the Eco-Vero Viscose yarn. They then transfer to the skin once it makes contact with the fabric," PH5 founder Wei Lin explains. "The hyaluronic acid molecules form a water-containing film that plays a role in blocking pollution and locking in moisture in your skin."

So how long before you can expect results? PH5 Designer, Zoe Champion, says she felt the benefits after one night of wear, noting that the hyaluronic acid remains in the pajamas for up to 40 washes. Champion alternates most nights, but she opts for everyday use in the winter to give her skin "better protection from the dry air during the day." The designer adds that "they're certainly soft and comfy enough to wear every night and feel the full benefits constantly."

The Inspiration

So, where did this ingenious idea come from? The brand's hyaluronic sleepwear was inspired by the past year, a time when many of us were turning to loungewear and avoiding jeans. "After living a year in pajamas or clothes that could pass for pajamas, we realized that even once we were out and about again, we still would want the comfort of pajamas," says PH5's founder.

They also found it was equally important to prioritize self-care in 2021. "During this time, we also found that taking care of ourselves was as much for our mental health as it is for physical health, and we wanted to make that experience as seamless as possible." As for the expansion of the hydraKNIT technology into the rest of their clothing, they plan to expand in a way that makes sense for their customers.


What a Dermatologist Thinks

Dr. Cochran Gathers says she's seen a rise in hyaluronic acid-infused fabric, "especially pillowcases, are becoming more popular on social media and in blogs. Many claim to reduce the signs of aging, hydrate the skin, and even improve the smoothness of the hair."

However, when it comes to fabrics in general, different materials can absolutely affect our skin and hair. "Cotton is known to absorb and wick away moisture —which is one reason why many women with curly hair will avoid a cotton pillowcase at all costs," Dr. Cochran Gathers explains. "Silk fabrics are useful for reducing moisture loss. Silk pulls less moisture from the skin and hair. Silk also reduces friction, which might lead to less irritation, especially for those with sensitive skin."

The Review

As we near winter and cooler temperatures, my skin gets drier and more prone to eczema flareups, so I was excited to try these out. My skin loses a lot of moisture overnight, no matter how much I try to moisturize and lock it in post- shower. I'm used to waking up with dry, tight skin. To put it to the test, I skipped my body lotions and oils.

The PJs come vacuum sealed and are packaged like an oversized sheet mask, which seems fitting considering the inspiration. The fabric itself is both thick and airy but soft. They don't feel exactly like a sheet mask, but they definitely don't feel like the t-shirt and leggings I usually wear—the flowy and stretchy material is a major upgrade.

My skin was slightly dry the next day, but there wasn't any of the usual irritation or itchiness. Since my skin gets so dry, leggings tend to be pretty irritating to wear for too long, but these weren't uncomfortable in any way. While they kept my skin from getting too itchy and irritated, I found they worked best with my moisturizers and oils. So I'll definitely keep these on hand to keep away the winter dryness.

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