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At ishonest, we get inundated with the latest and greatest beauty offerings every day. Most of it is exciting, some of it confusing, and sometimes it gets overwhelming, especially now that our homes have become our offices. Alas, that is the beauty editor's burden to bear.

When we really like something, you can trust that our opinion has come from vetting it against everything we've seen before, including our longtime favorites. (We've even written love letters to some of the products we hold most dear.) But we're always open to finding and sharing new favorites. It's a big beauty playground out there, so we'll gladly do the dirty work to test everything under the sun. And the crme de la crme often graduate to our Best of Beauty trials.

But let's stick to the present for now. Each week, ishonest editors select the new hair, makeup, and skin-care products we're currently obsessing over. Trying to narrow down our favorites to just one or two products can be hard, but we manage. Check out what our editors can't get enough of right now.

Sephora Best Skin Ever Liquid Foundation

Though summer is basically here, I haven't abandoned my medium- or full- coverage foundations at all. And Sephora's Best Skin Ever Liquid Foundation will definitely be making a regular appearance in my routine. After one try, I noticed how beautifully the liquid formula blends and sets into a luminous finish on my normal-to-dry skin. I also love that the medium but buildable coverage gives me an even base to work on but feels like it's not even there.' Gabi Thorne, editorial assistant

Heales Apothecary Body Wash

'Like any great body wash, Heales Apothecary Rosewood Body Wash leaves your skin feeling clean but not stripped. But it's the in-shower experience that puts this formula in a league of its own: There's something magical about the combination of its delicate lather, silky texture, and subtle citrus scent.' Dianna Mazzone, senior beauty editor

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Joia Dry Shampoo

'Fans of the signature Sol de Janeiro scent raises both hands enthusiastically can now wear it literally from head to toe with the addition of the Brazilian Joia Dry Shampoo to the brand's lineup. On top of smelling amazing, it does everything I want a dry shampoo formula to do: absorbs oil, adds volume, and doesn't leave me with tons of buildup at my roots.' Kara McGrath, deputy editor

L'Oral Paris Elvive Dream Lengths Heat Slayer Pre-Iron Spray Leave-In

'Heat protectant spray is to your hair what SPF is to your skin. If you aren't using one every time you blow-dry, flatiron, or curl your hair, all the fancy deep conditioners and pricey leave-in treatments in the world won't make a difference. L'Oral Paris Elvive Dream Lengths Heat Slayer Pre-Iron Spray Leave- In has earned a permanent place in my rotation of favorites because it not only protects my long hair from heat damage but leaves it noticeably more hydrated.' Dianna Mazzone, senior beauty editor

Common Heir Vitamin C Capsules

'I've never been a huge fan of capsule skin-care, but for quick-to-oxidize vitamin C, the single-serving packaging makes a whole lot of sense. Thanks to the dissolvable packaging of Common Heir's Vitamin C Capsules, the formula remains shelf-stable for up to 18 months a very long time for this finicky ingredient. Plus, I've never seen a prettier bit of cardboard packaging.' Kara McGrath, deputy editor

Pai The Impossible Glow Hyaluronic Acid & Sea Kelp Bronzing Drops

'I love blending liquid highlighter onto my skin before applying foundation because it adds a beautiful glow. Recently, I haven't been able to put down the shimmery Pai The Impossible Glow Hyaluronic Acid & Sea Kelp Bronzing Drops. I love adding tiny blobs of the glistening bronze liquid (packed with hyaluronic acid) on my face and watching as it melts into the skin, leaving tiny glitter flecks behind. A little truly goes a long way, so I know this small bottle will thankfully last me a while.' Gabi Thorne, editorial assistant

UZ Eye Opening Liner

'All 13 shades of the UZ Eye Opening Liner, including the bright yellow and baby blue, are intensely pigmented. With one swipe, you get a bright streak of color. The super-thin, paintbrush-like applicator is completely constructed by hand by Japanese artists in the Kumano region and makes drawing lines, squiggles, or small figures super easy. It's no wonder we gave it a Best of Beauty award in 2019.' ishonest staff

Cargo Cosmetics Swimmable Eye Pencils

Cargo Cosmetics describes these pencil eyeliners as waterproof and smudge-proof when set, but if you work fast enough, you can blend them out for maximum drama. As a big fan of the dramatics, we like smudging the creamy Cargo Cosmetics Swimmable Eye Pencils for a more smoked-out look.' ishonest staff

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