Texturizing Sprays are a Godsend for Fine Hairand These 15 Will Deliver

How Do Texturizing Sprays Work?

Now, you might be wondering, “how on earth does this magical formula work?” Well, according to Sally Hershberger, a celebrity hairstylist who works with Miley Cyrus and Meg Ryan, “A solid texturizing spray will add volume to the hair without weighing it down so that it appears fuller.” It shouldn’t make hair feel crunchy or stiff either, she notes, adding that it will still give your strands lots of natural movement. “Plus, a texturizing spray allows you to accentuate your hair’s natural texture without any heat damage,” she adds. Using one when curling the hair can also help lock in your style, so it lasts longer.

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Now that you know how they work, ahead, shop the 15 best texturizing sprays for fine hair. Congratulations: You’re *basically* Cindy Crawford.

1/15 R+Co BALLOON Dry Volume Spray

The name says it all—this industry-favorite Balloon Dry Volume spray from R+Co gives your hair an instant blown-up effect. Infused with mica, this product adds texture and shine to fine hair without making it feel heavy. On top of that, the calendula and oarweed botanical complex delivers a dose of moisture and hydration for extra softness and shine. Pull out this long-lasting product for your next night out on the town.

Verb Sea Texture Spray

Even if you’re hundreds of miles away from an ocean, it doesn’t mean you can’t convince people otherwise. Thanks to Verb’s Sea Texture Spray, you can achieve effortless, straight-out-of-the-ocean hair in a breeze. Made with ingredients like sunflower seed extract, seaweed extract, and quinoa protein, this volumizing formula provides natural waves with tons of body and zero stiffness.

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray

Oribe has become a household name among hairstylists and beauty editors alike due to its unbeatable high-quality formulas. For further evidence, look to the brand’s cult-favorite Dry Texturizing Spray. In addition to adding lightweight texture and hold to fine hair, this luxurious spray also pulls double duty as a dry shampoo alternative by absorbing oil at the roots for an extra dose of soft volume.

Shu Uemura Wata Wave Dry Texturizing Hair Spray

Launched in 1967, Shu Uemura has become a household name in the beauty industry thanks to its effective formulas, which includes its assortment of salon-quality hair products. Our go-to product from the collection? The legendary Wave Dry Texturizing Hair Spray, which maintains volume and works to make second-day hair look its best. Not to mention, you'll likely look forward to spraying this gem just to get a whiff of its warm and spicy smell.

Thickening Dryspun Volume Texture Spray

Striving for thicker hair? If so, Bumble and Bumble's Thickening Dryspun Volume Texture Spray is exactly what you need in your life. This award-winning formula is infused with zeolite and silk powder to give strands a dose of light, airy texture that leaves your hair feeling fuller and instantly more refreshed. Another bonus: It's almost impossible to overdo it on this fool-proof formula, making it especially ideal for those new to texturizing sprays.

amika Un.Done Volume and Matte Texture Spray

Emerging haircare label Amika has been churning out one cult-favorite formula after another since launching in 2007—and its Un.Done Volume and Matte Texture Spray is no exception. Formulated with the brand's signature sea buckthorn berry ingredient (which contains vitamins A, C, and E), this spray makes it easy to achieve tousled, beachy strands that are full of body and movement.

IGK Beach Club Volume Texture Spray

Wishing you were reading a book while listening to the calming noise of the ocean waves? Even if that's far out of reach, you can still channel that same energy by giving your hair an effortlessly beachy vibe. Enter: IGK Beach Club Volume Texture Spray. This cult-favorite formula contains a healthy dose of glycerin to help lock in moisture and add some much-needed texture to fine, limp strands. Feel free to apply this product to wet or dry hair for a lived-in feel with a modern matte finish.

Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast

Packed with the brand's Volumizing + Texturizing Molecules ETA—which gives locks volume by increasing the space between hair fibers—Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast is a miracle worker for those with fine strands. For the best results, section hair and then spray from roots to ends. Finish the look by tousling strands with your fingers for a cool, just-woke-up-like-this appearance.

CHI Texturizing Spray

If you'd rather test drive an affordable product before splurging, reach for CHI's Texturizing Spray. Available at a budget-friendly $20, this spray provides buildable texture and lift, allowing you to layer it whenever your hair needs a little boost throughout the day. We also love that it offers thermal protection, so you can feel free to use it alongside your favorite hot tools without fear of damaging your delicate tresses. Not sold yet? Well, the fact that one Amazon reviewer says this is "the best product I've ever used on my fine hair" might sway you in the right direction.

Vegamour GRO Dry Shampoo

Don't let the name fool you. While this Vegamour product is *technically* a dry shampoo, it also provides plenty of texturizing benefits. Even better: It's infused with plant-based ingredients like rice hulls, mung beans, red clover, and kaolin clay, which help create the optimal environment for healthier hair growth. Spray this baby on when you're in a pinch for clean strands that are full of texture.

Color Wow’s Style on Steroids Color-Safe Texture Spray

If you’re worried about a texture spray changing the color of your gorgeous strands, rest assured, Color Wow’s Style on Steroids Color-Safe Texture Spray won’t darken or make your hair appear dull in any way. On top of that, the formula is also infused with glycerin, which works to add moisture to hair, and delivers the perfect amount of volume and texture for a fuller, healthier- looking mane.

Ouai Texturizing Hair Spray

Jen Atkin is known as Hollywood's go-to hairstylist, so it's no wonder celebrities are obsessed with her luxury haircare brand Ouai. Included in the award-winning lineup is the beloved Texturizing Hair Spray, which features an ultra-lightweight formula that maintains your hair's volume and style throughout the day without any of the crunch typical of a hair spray. Consider this product your new best friend for nights out or for any special events you have on the docket.

Kenra Professional Volumizing Spray Clay 1

Coming in at under $20, Kenra Professional's Volumizing Spray Clay 15 features an ultra-dry clay-infused formula that creates workable body and volume, all while providing medium-level hold. Plus, the product description claims it delivers 3X the fullness from mid-lengths to ends. Sign us up.

Drybar Triple Sec 3-in-1 Finishing Spray

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