Team Ishonest Says These are The Hair Straighteners Money Can Buy

Amika The Confidante Moisture Maintenance Styler

"I don't straighten my hair very often—I have big, frizzy curls, and I try to let them be. But, when I do, I have to use Amika's moisture-locking tool, as it's the only flatiron that won't damage my often dry, over-processed hair. The ceramic plates emit a far-infrared light beam directly into your hair's cortex, which guarantees the healthiest possible heat styling (as it can often be precarious; RIP to many burned, broken strands). You can also adjust the temperature, which is helpful, as anything over 375 degrees is really damaging to my fine, textured hair. This technology really works, folks." — Hallie Gould, senior editor

Remington Keratin Therapy 1" Flat Iron

"I like this hair straightener because it has Keratin-infused plates that smooth frizz and create shine. It also has a built-in heat sensor, which maintains a personalized temperature, so you don't accidentally fry your hair to a crisp (something I've done one too many times with other flatirons)." — Kaitlyn McLintock, editorial contributor

Ghd Platinum Professional Performance Styler

"There's something magical about the Ghd Platinum Styler. It's partially the twinkling sound it makes when it turns on, like a kid's fairy princess toy, but mostly its ability to straighten my hair in about five minutes flat. I also love that it utilizes innovative technology that ensures the plates maintain the same temperature throughout (365 degrees Fahrenheit) for optimum styling and minimum damage." — Lindsey Metrus, managing editor

"I was gifted this beauty last Christmas, and it has been a love affair ever since. First of all, it takes about 10 seconds to heat up, which is great for people like me who seriously lack patience. I have naturally thick and wavy hair, and this straightener makes my tendrils silky and smooth in about one or two strokes. Plus, the straightener's luxe finish will look très chic on your bathroom counter." — Mary Nunes, editorial intern

Chi for Ulta Beauty Red Temperature Control Hairstyling Iron 1.5 Inch

"Chi's flatirons are tried-and-true favorites. I have had the same one since high school, and it's held up really well. It's reliable, it heats up really fast, and it's wide, so it covers a lot of hair in one swoop. The exact one I have isn't available anymore, but this one is very similar." — Victoria Hoff, news editor

Phuse Hair Tamer Styling Iron

"I had never heard of Phuse Beauty in my life before receiving this hair straightener as a gift a few years ago, but this bad boy has seriously become my ride-or-die. It is the single best straightener I've ever encountered for creating curls and flatiron waves. The product has everything you could ever want in a straightener: adjustable heat settings up to 400 degrees (though I always leave mine at 320), it heats up insanely fast, has an automatic switch- off after an hour in case you forget to unplug after use, and it has rounded ceramic plates, which allow you to create different styles with ease. If I ever lose it, I'll be sad." — Amanda Montell, associate features editor

Ghd Classic 1" Inch Styler

"I've had this classic Ghd straightener for over 10 years now, and it's still my absolute favorite. It heats up in 30 seconds, glides through my hair with ease (no tugging or pulling whatsoever), and it smoothes out my curls (yes, I have curly hair) in less than ten minutes. Plus, you can use it to curl or wave your hair. So, basically, it's the only hot tool you'll ever need." — Katie McEntee, editorial assistant

Remington 1" Flat Iron with Thermaluxe Advanced Thermal

"I'm always in a rush when I do my hair in the morning, so I need a tool that's going to heat up quickly, style my hair in flash, and turn off automatically (because I always panic as soon as I've left my apartment, convinced I've going to burn the place down). This iron does all that and then some, with 30 different heat settings so I can adjust to my liking. It's also a mere $50, even though it performs like a high-end tool." — Lindsey

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