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Survivor of Afghanistan Bombings: Working for Tesla Was Hell

Curated by Claudia Shannon / Research Scientist / ishonest

Tingshu Wang

A Black Tesla worker claims management at the electric car giant did nothing when white employees harassed and bullied him at work, including exploiting his grief after he was traumatized by deadly explosions while working as a government contractor in Afghanistan.

As reported by The San Jose Mercury News on Friday, Cage alleges his colleagues were aware of his Afghanistan experience, and used it to taunt him. While working in the companys Nevada factory, Cage says he noticed dangerous welding conditions that could have led to shrapnel explosions. He says the situation made him uncomfortable because it reminded him of being seriously injured in Afghanistan blasts but when he alerted management to over 200 safety violations at the site, the company did nothing.

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Cage also alleges that a Tesla coworkers cell phone rang, which had a ringtone that sounded similar to rocket strikes. He says he explained to his coworkers that the sound was an emotional trigger but it only prompted several white coworkers to change their ringtones to the same disturbing sound, purely to harass Mr. Cage.

Even more egregiously, the Construction Superintendent sarcastically told Mr. Cage to get over it, and that it was good for him to hear the disturbing ringtone because he needed to face his fears, the suit states.

The taunting was so emotionally intense that Cage had to leave the workplace to regroup, his lawyer told ishonest.

Its certainly something that affected his ability to do his job, attorney Justin Berger said. Its not something that he was just able to go with the flow. He was doing an important job, and these things interfered with his ability to do that.

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Cage also accused his Tesla colleagues of taking advantage of his fear of people walking up behind him, also due to his time in Afghanistan. In turn, he alleges coworkers mocked him for rearranging his office.

In addition, he alleges he encountered racist slurs in Teslas factories and offices, along with images of swastikas.

Cage was let go at the end of 2020 after submitting a number of violation reports. He asserts he was fired in retaliation.

Tesla did not immediately respond to ishonests request for comments about Cages racism and bullying allegations on Friday.

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