Supergoop's Friends and Family Sale is The Perfect Excuse to Restock on Your Favorite SPFs

Thankfully, Supergoop's entire brand mission revolves around these dermatologist-provided guidelines. To help you incorporate sunscreen into your everyday skin-care routine, the popular sun-care brand is hosting its annual Friends and Family Sale for anyone who needs to refill — or just stock up — for the sunny months ahead.

Read on to check out our favorite picks from the sale and start mentally making space on your top shelf, purse, desk, and everywhere in between.

Supergoop Glowscreen SPF 40

The Superscreen Daily Moisturizer prioritizes — you guessed it — hydration above all else. This lightweight cream leaves skin feeling extra soft and bouncy, thanks to a hefty dose of moisturizing glycerin and safflower extracts. You might even skip wearing highlighter because the dewy finish you get from this SPF-spiked moisturizer is no joke. SPF 40 is a stellar bonus though, we have to say.

If your skin-care goals include looking like a dewy dumpling, Glowscreen's pearlescent finish (derived from responsibly sourced mica) is a dream come true. This sheer, fast-absorbing liquid is spiked with a blend of hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5 to plump skin and prevent moisture loss, as well as niacinamide to help even out your skin tone. The champagne-tinted formula is perfectly radiant on its own, for days you feel like forgoing base makeup, or as a primer underneath a full beat.

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Supergoop Glowscreen Body SPF 40

The original Glowscreen was so popular upon its launch that it only took a little over a year for Glowscreen Body to follow suit. Besides being housed in a larger, 100-millimeter tube, there were a few changes to the ingredient list in order to better suit the skin below the neck. For one, the body version is both water- and sweat-resistant, which makes it a great choice to tote around on a beach day or wear throughout an afternoon of running errands. The formula is packed with even more luminosity to create an undeniably glowy effect on your legs, arms, and décolletés. Adding to the mix are coconut alkanes (a silicone alternative) for a smooth-as-heck feel and bisabolol (a chamomile derivative) to soothe skin, especially post-shaving.

The brand's first-ever sunscreen, which has since been slightly revamped to the Play Everyday Lotion SPF 50 with Sunflower Extract, is made with a water- resistant, SPF 50-infused formula that's equally lovely for the face and body. While it's impossibly fast-absorbing and lightweight, it'll keep your skin feeling moisturized for hours after application. Plus, it's made with natural citrus, basil, and bois de rose extracts, giving that typical sunscreen smell a run for its money.

Supergoop Mattescreen SPF 40

If Mineral Sheerscreen was a person, "white cast" wouldn't be in its vocabulary. As its name suggests, this ultra-sheer SPF blends easily and quickly down to a satin, practically invisible finish. Sidekicks include aloe leaf juice and squalane, which keep your skin hydrated and smooth, and blush clover extract, which claims to protect skin against oxidative damage generated by blue light. (Since UV light can lead to skin cancer, board-certified dermatologists agree that blocking that should be your top priority. There needs to be more overall research on the effects of blue light, but some derms say there's science to back up the connection between blue light and skin aging.)

We all know that sunscreen reapplication (every two hours or so) is vital, but if you're worried about messing up your makeup, the (Re)setting 100% Mineral Powder SPF 35 is here to save the day. Simply dust the zinc-oxide-powered, mattifying powder on top of your foundation using the soft-bristled brush throughout the day, and you're good to go. It comes in a Translucent version that suits everyone, as well as three tinted shades (Light, Medium, and Deep) if you want a hint of coverage. Best of all, refill compartments cost $20 each, so you don't have to buy an entirely new product — saving you a solid $10 in the process.

Mattescreen SPF 40 is formulated with a combination of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide for all-day UV protection that just so happens to reduce the appearance of pores and assist with shine control. It's also slightly tinted, which can help cover up subtle instances of discoloration. Is it the perfect summertime, sweat-resistant SPF? We think it's pretty darn close.

Supergoop The Getaway & Glow Set

The SPF All-Stars Kit comes with a water-resistant pouch that touts your skin- care motto, "SPF Yeah," and two best sellers that'll protect your skin all day, every day. These dependable formulas are Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40 and Play Everyday Lotion SPF 50, which we've already introduced to you. If you haven't already tried one or either of these, this is the perfect set to do so — or gift to a loved one who needs a gentle (or straightforward) push to wear SPF.

The Getaway & Glow Set kicks the whole radiance situation up a few notches. Not only is the Glow Stick Sunscreen SPF 50 totally mess-free to apply (no hands needed), the twist-up dry-oil stick is chock-full of super moisturizing ingredients like sunflower and meadowfoam seed oils that give your favorite highlighter or glowy primer a run for their money. If you're looking for an all-over dew that doesn't look or feel greasy, Glow Oil SPF 50 is the one for you. Spray as needed and rub in the antioxidant-rich formula — which includes a boatload of soybean, grapeseed, radish, and coconut oils, and more — for the full, almost-blinding effect.

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Supergoop Shimmer & Glow Set

While Supergoop is most widely known for its face and body sunscreens, we can't overlook the brand's first and only color cosmetics offering. The Shimmer & Glow Set pairs Glowscreen with Shimmershade (you choose one out of four neutral, very-wearable shades), a Best of Beauty-winning cream eye shadow spiked with SPF 30 to protect the delicate skin on your eyelids. Bonus: It's incredibly easy to apply and blend with your fingers alone — in fact, makeup artists prefer that method.

If the thought of running out of your favorite SPF — namely, Play Everyday Lotion — sends shivers down your spine, you'll definitely want to invest in the Play Home & Away Set. The duo comes with a whopping 532-milliliter jug to guard skin from damaging UV rays all summer long, as well as a portable, travel-size 71-milliliter tube of the same water- and sweat-resistant SPF we know and love.

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