Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate: a Stable and Effective Form of Vitamin C?

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L-Ascorbic Acid is the original form of Vitamin C but it’s irritating as hell. It’s super finicky, too. Use the wrong ph or expose it to light and air and it stops working.

Compare that with the copycat, Sodium Ascorbic Phosphate. It does the same job but without throwing so many tantrums.

Does that mean that Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate is the best form of Vitamin C used in skincare?

What Is Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate?

Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate is a derivative of Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid). When it sinks into your skin, enzymes come along to convert it into L-Ascorbic Acid.

I know what you’re thinking. What’s the point of using a derivative if it’s converted to the original anyway?

Cos the derivative is a lot more stable (it withstands light and air better) so it’ll still be effective when you finally put it on your skin. And it’s a lot gentler so it won’t make your skin all red as it sinks in.

Can Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate Prevent Premature Aging?

Yes, Vitamin C and all its derivates can help you skin stave off those premature wrinkles and fade away dark spots. Here’s how Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate works:

  • Destroys the free radicals that cause premature wrinkles
  • Boosts the production of skin-firming collagen
  • Has skin-lightening abilities that brighten the complexion and reduce dark spots

Can Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate Treat Acne, Too?

It seems so.

Acne is caused by two major factors:

  • Bacteria: Proprionibacterium Acnes, or P.Acnes for short
  • Lipid oxidation: when your sebum oxidises, your skin becomes inflamed

Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate deals with both. 1% of SAP reduces the amount of P.Acnes on your skin, while 5% prevents lipid oxidation in the first place.

What Are The Best Products With Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate?

Unfortunately, it’s hard to come across skincare products with sodium ascorbyl phosphate. Your best best is below:

The Bottom Line

If L-Ascorbic Acid irritates your skin or is too finicky for your taste, switch to Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate. It fights wrinkles, fades away dark spots and even treats acne without any irritation.

Have you ever used products with Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate? Share your faves in the comments below.

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