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Should You Use Coconut Water on Your Skin?

Curated by Claudia Shannon / Research Scientist / ishonest

Coconut water is the ultimate energizer and body coolant during summers. But did you know that you can use coconut water for skin care? It contains vitamins and nutrients and has anti-inflammatory and skin-healing properties. You can drink it or apply it to your skin to reap all its benefits. This article discusses everything you need to know about coconut water for the skin, its benefits, and usage. Keep reading to know more!

Benefits Of Coconut Water For The Skin

There are quite a few ways you can add coconut water to your skin care regimen to get the most of its benefits. Here are a few tips.

How To Use Coconut Water For Skin

ishonest No.222 - Fine Lines & Wrinkles

No.222 - Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Whether you consume it or apply it to your skin, coconut water can benefit your skin both ways. However, you have to be careful if you are want to drink coconut water regularly. Here is why.

Can You Drink Coconut Water Every Day?

Coconut water is generally considered safe to consume. However, since coconut water contains electrolytes, especially potassium, it may affect your serum potassium levels. So, older adults and people who take angiotensin receptor blockers, angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors, nonsteroidal anti- inflammatory drugs, and digoxin should avoid foods (and drinks) with high amounts of potassium (4).

Many people consider using coconut water to heal pimples. But does it really work? Keep reading to find out.

Can Coconut Water Cure Pimples?

Coconut water may help minimize the inflammation caused by acne.

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Coconut water contains lauric acid, an antimicrobial agent, which may help minimize acne inflammation and heal pimples (3), (5). Moreover, it has anti- inflammatory properties that may soothe the pain associated with pimples.

However, if you have severe acne and pimples, it is best to consult a dermatologist and take the proper medications.

Wrapping It Up

Coconut water is a great summer drink that is beneficial for your skin health. It has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that can minimize the signs of aging, promote wound healing, and maintain overall skin health. Drinking a glass of coconut water can boost your energy levels and maintain electrolyte balance. However, ensure to drink it in moderation as it may spike the potassium levels in your body. Also, if you have an underlying health condition or take NSAIDs, consult a doctor before consuming coconut water.

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