Shoppers Say This Magnesium Lotion for Sleep Minimizes The Effects of Insomnia and It's Extremely Affordable

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If you struggle to get a restful night's slumber, this magnesium lotion for sleep could be the perfect addition to your bedtime regime.

When it comes to insomnia and sleep anxiety, the best pillow and best travel pillows may not suffice (including your precious Simba Hybrid Pillow and/or Emma Memory Foam Pillow). Getting lost in the best autobiographies may not help you doze off, either.

Experts say the best course of action is to build a bedtime routine and prioritize good sleep hygiene. Among these viable solutions, there's one that's capsuled in a sleek tube, but equally works in overdrive. Enter: the Magnesium Sleep Mineral Lotion.

Crafted by the BetterYou, Magnesium Sleep Mineral Lotion is a tried-and-true remedy against stress, muscle aches (we're looking at you, best workouts), and wide-eyed nights spend tossing and turning. For under 9, we'd say it's considerably low-stakes and high-reward. Main ingredients: water, magnesium chloride, lavender, beeswax, and chamomile flower oil Suitable for: all over the body, with focus areas being the neck, shoulders, and legs The lotion has been receiving plenty of 5-star reviews online, particularly from those wanting to learn how to sleep better.

One person said, I have had problems falling asleep on & off for years. Tried quite a few remedies, essential oils, having a bath before bed, not drinking caffeine/alcohol in the eveningnothing worked long term. I had heard about magnesium being good to help with sleep problems but I didn't want to take it in tablet form. I saw this product and am so glad I gave it a go.' The reviewer then adds, 'it worked the first night I used it and every night since for almost a month. Within 30 minutes of applying it to my shoulders and neck, I can feel myself dropping off and I sleep really well now.'

Another very happy customer said, Well I was cynical but on night 2 it actually worked. The stresses of life were stopping me from a restful sleep, but I can honestly say I'm impressed.' This reviewer concludes with, 'Finally have slept solidly for the 1st time in ages.'

The magnesium cream for sleep can also help with restless nights during pregnancy, as one customer found, saying, I've had restless legs throughout my pregnancy and nothing has helped. I tried warm baths, exercise, bananas, hydration, refresher gel. I thought I would give this a go and it is fantastic. I use it on my legs, shoulders, back, and arms and it really helps me doze off.' The reviewer then advises, 'Be careful how early you apply before bed though as any more than 30 minutes and the restlessness starts to come back.'

This could give you just the dreamy night's sleep you are looking for.

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