Shoppers Say This Biotin-Infused Mascara Gives Them Long, Thick Lashes and It's Just $13 Right Now

$13 for a luxury mascara is nigh unheard-of, but that's exactly what Amazon is handing us on this good day. And according to over 800 five-star ratings for the product, it's a deal not to be missed — mostly because the tube is pumped full of lash-strengthening ingredients that deliver longer, thicker, and stronger lashes, on top of an instantaneous boost to your existing ones.

"I LOVE this mascara. I bought others prior and they immediately clumped and looked like crap. I just got this yesterday and put it on today, and immediately it went on smooth, lengthened, and looked great," one person wrote. It's also garnered a loving fan base among those formerly dedicated to lash extensions (and who are now paying the price).

"Going from lash extensions to completely bare eyeballs really took a hit on my confidence," a shopper said of their post-extension situation. "I tried this one, and honestly, my eyelashes are almost back to how they used to be when I put the mascara on. I feel so much more confident, and it's lightweight, lengthens, volumizes, and promotes growth! Thank you for such an amazing product that brought my smile back."

According to the brand, said growth-promoting ingredients include biotin, collagen, argan oil, jojoba oil, and three amino acids. Biotin-infused hair products are dime a dozen these days for a good reason: As board-certified dermatologist Dr. Debra Jaliman previously told ishonest, "biotin helps nourish the hair follicles and stimulate the growth of existing hair."

Argan oil, meanwhile, brings in a truckload of antioxidants and fatty acids, which makes it extremely beneficial for your lashes, as is jojoba oil. And there's a reason that amino acids show up in all the best lash serums: Ones like the included arginine can enhance cells' nitric oxide, studies say, which in turn promotes new hair growth. Per reviewers, they see the effects within two weeks, the "magic" formula encouraging length from "short, stubby" hairs.

The effects are so good, users cite the mascara for earning them compliments on movie sets. "I did my own make-up since I wasn't filming that day, [and] one of the make-up artists who was about four or five feet away said, 'You have beautiful eyelashes.' I am 64 years old, and have never been told that before," wrote a thrilled shopper. Another says the wand is easy to hold thanks to its neoprene material, and the brush "separates beautifully" for "long, lovely lashes."

"Wow. I think this may be the best mascara I've ever used," said a final person. "My lashes have so much volume, and the rounded tip is perfect for bottom lashes and separating top lashes. I cannot recommend this highly enough."

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